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Terry Parris Columbia, United States of America

Amarok 1.x Scripts by tkaitchuck 32 comments

I was searching for streaming media rippers and ran across this script. It's no longer working in the latest Amarok which is version 2.4.0. Perhaps you could look into this. It will install but does not work as stated within this version of Amarok (i.e. no right click menus. - Jul 08 2011
Oxygen Icons

Full Icon Themes by dnspht 37 comments

I hope you can find another way to share this icon creation. Rapid Share is a pathetic download source. Maybe you can get someone to host this elsewhere. Or possibly get the icon theme hosted by the Oxygen team website. - Oct 23 2008
Oxygen Icon Theme for KDE3

Full Icon Themes by Dapper 21 comments

I always liked the Oxygen theme ever since I started testing Kubuntu 8.10. I hope you continue to update this as the Oxygen theme grows. It loaded rather nicely on Kubuntu 8.04. My only complaints are nit picks. However, everything looks a whole lot better without the instability of KDE 4.1. Hopefully, they get KDE 4 stable by version 4.2 because I like what I've seen so far. - Aug 31 2008

Network by caglar10ur 28 comments

I too am having an issue of this nicely done app crashing on logout, reboot, or shutdown. I think in time as this app matures more it will be the defacto for KDE wireless monitoring. Personally, I love what you've done but please see if you can fix the crash issues in an update.... - Aug 11 2006

Network by George666 199 comments

I've used both KTorrent 1.2 and now the beta of 2.0. I've only got a few minor grips about both. Need documentation of the tabs and what they are for. For instance, in the 2.0 beta you have a Downloads and an Uploads tab. Why have both when a person can see that he's uploading from the upload speed? Unless it's for torrents that the user has created and is uploading. My only other grip is on the Peers tab. There are some totally useless fields included. Those fields being Choked, Snubbed, Score, and Upload Slot. All other fields relay great information. - Jun 06 2006