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Jan Buchar
KRunner Translator

Web Runners by Naraku 104 comments

This is becuase AUR migrated to git. I found the PKGBUILD at - Aug 20 2015
Weather Widget

Plasma 5 Weather by clearmartin 161 comments

Hi, thanks for the awesome plasmoid! Is there any reason for the popup that shows when clicking the system tray applet to be so different from the one that shows after clicking a plasmoid on the panel? It bugs me that I can't see today's forecast in the system tray applet's popup... Also the tooltip isn't very informative. Of course, this isn't too much of a problem as I can just put the plasmoid on the panel. - Aug 12 2015

Kwin Scripts by faho 90 comments

OK, thanks. I really do miss the shortcuts, though. - Mar 03 2015

Kwin Scripts by faho 90 comments

Great script! Are you going to port it to KDE5's KWin? - Mar 03 2015

KDE Plasma Screenshots by juanfgs0 1 comment

Please, what font / AA settings are you using? Thanks! - Aug 31 2013

Plasma Themes by nameless89 86 comments

Hi, great theme, but the background of some plasmoids started falling back to the Air theme after the latest update. I use KDE 4.6 and those plasmoids are for example yawp and KDE's hard drive usage graphs - Feb 15 2011

Plasma Themes
by sima84

8 .3
9   Feb 25 2011