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Terminus Est
Intel P-state and CPUFreq Manager

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 37 comments

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Jul 28 2019
Yes, but I don't have any other files on my /etc/sudoers.d directory besides 99-plasma-pstate. So the solution there eludes me. - Mar 25 2019
I can see temp, clock and percentage when I hover the mouse cursor over the plasmoid icon, but if I click I only see a blank window instead of the controls. Any ideas? - Mar 25 2019

Be-Shell/Bespin 1662 comments

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Apr 25 2013
Hi there,

Bespin is saucersome man, congrats for it! I'm having a lil problem here: everything is running smoothly, but my Firefox titlebar has a dark green color instead of the milky default one. (dont use other GTK programs, so I dont know if its something isolated or not).

Any clues? - Apr 05 2010
inGame Splash

KDE 4 Splashscreens 13 comments

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Jun 16 2009
Great one! If you could theme a GRUB2 splash and the Usplash, it would be saucersome!

Thnx! - Jan 08 2010
Score 46.0%
Apr 06 2010
inGame Splash

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by ingame

Score 75.3%
Jan 08 2010
Score 82.9%
Jul 20 2009