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Icon Sub-Sets 18 comments

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Jun 02 2007
Why did you feel the need to release it 'all rights reserved'?

It would be much better if you could release it under a free license, preferably the GPL, which I believe the standard KDE icon sets use? - Dec 17 2005
The Firefox Crusade

Wallpapers Firefox 8 comments

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Dec 09 2005
Can you clarify which Creative Commons you're using?


The same goes for your other works... - Dec 10 2005

System Software 28 comments

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Jun 27 2005
It would be good if this could support DBUS and HAL, both of which are used by kdebase-3.4.0 (for the media:/ kioslave, for example).

They're a much better solution for hotplugging and detecting new media. - Jun 22 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

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Jun 21 2005
You should submit these suggestions as a feature request for Kuickshow... the developers are usually responsive to good ideas. The worst that can happen is that the Kuickshow devs won't like your idea, but somebody else might :)

Submit your feature request here: - Jun 21 2005
Lila icon set

Icon Sub-Sets 31 comments

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Dec 04 2006
Well done for taking it over and adding some nice new icons :) It's become one of the few icon sets on kde-look that is both regularly maintained and relatively complete, which is handy given that it doesn't fit in with any other icon sets.

But damn you too! You've made me want to draw some more to further complete the entries in my KMenu configuration! After exams, must do it after exams... - Apr 29 2005
KDesktop Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 115 comments

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Jul 09 2006
Yes. Sorry, I meant to say by default, which is unusual. - Apr 03 2005
Well version 1.1 worked fine for me. I have two issues, though:

First, the kmenu image ought to be part of the Programs menu button. This way if the menu is on the far left of the menu you can shove the mouse up into the corner and always click on the menu. It's also just far more intuitive.

The configure script didn't find my KDE installation prefix, which is the standard for KDE - /usr/kde/3.4

As for configuration, what'd be really brilliant is if you could define your own menus from scratch, but that'd be quite complex! - Apr 03 2005

Groupware 12 comments

by smt
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Mar 23 2005
Agreed. I've been pestering websites with bad feeds, but it's not possible to get them all to improve them!

It's actually more work navigating the feeds of these websites who provide nothing more than a title and a link than it is just loading them up in Konqueror. At least then you can simply scroll down a page to see all the news items. - Feb 18 2005
(mockup) configuration, control panel, e

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

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Jan 05 2005
Thanks for the post. If you'd like any of this implemented, the correct place to post them is

A lot of your ideas have already been discussed on places like the kde-usability mailing list, the bugs database and even this web site.

If you have the time, try to review some of these past discussions, then post clear wish list items to the bugs database where you think the KDE devs might still be willing to implement them. - Jan 06 2005
KDE UI Tweaking

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 10 comments

by PaT
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Oct 27 2004
It a slider widget shouldn't be controlled, then the program should simple disable user control over it.

From a usability point of view, the bigger slider is a great idea. It would only be a problem if the slider widget was so short that the handle took up most of the slider's length. - Oct 26 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

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Oct 13 2004
Quickly... it's "English" :-) - Oct 13 2004
Unconstitutional USA.

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 20 comments

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Aug 12 2004
I agree that you should be allowed to post your piece here, but be aware that if you claim to have permission, you have to be able to show evidence of this.

I don't want to start some witch hunt here, but if someone were to ask KDE-Look to take it down on copyright grounds, KDE-Look would be in a difficult position unless you could prove you got permission.

Nor do I want to accuse you, but a lot of people seem to say "I got permission" when it seems obvious they didn't! - Aug 12 2004
Quick video thumbnail hack/My desktop

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

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Aug 02 2004
Ah, actually, ignore me, I worked it out.

Assign a keyboard shortcut to "save view profile filemanagement", remove the menubar, and use the keyboard shortcut to save it :) - Aug 03 2004
But how do you get Konqueror to remember not to show the menubar? I can only think of saving the view profile, but then you can't do that without the menubar present! - Aug 03 2004
Konqueror Burning Sidebar

Utilities 60 comments

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Aug 10 2006
That's great! I'd really like to see this done almost exactly as in GNOME, actually.

In other words, rather than having the "burn" and "settings" icons within the folder (which is rather unintuitive... are they files on the CD or buttons?) they ought to be on the toolbar and in the menu. You drag files onto the "CD" then hit the burn button; a small dialogue pops up, asking you to select the CD device, the burning speed, if it should blank the CDRW, if it should eject when done, and, if they're audio files, should it be an audio CD. - Jul 28 2004
SVG Icon Color Changer

Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

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Jul 19 2004
Ah, OK I see. That's an interesting idea.

You should contact the author of those SVG tools on fd.o, since he and I are working with towards some cross-desktop SVG tools. He'd be interested in what you're doing, and you could develop your tools as part of the fd.o project: - Jul 20 2004
You might want to have a look at these tools:

They were used, for example, on the Lila icon set to have a blue and purple version. They can also do a lot more, if you have a good look. - Jul 19 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 154 comments

by uddw
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Dec 13 2004
Though you didn't have much success at first, I'd suggest it'd be a really good idea to try and implement this with SVGs.

Scaling of bitmaps on the panel is horrible, and having to provide all the default sizes is a pain both for artists and those with custom sized panels. - Jul 15 2004

Icon Sub-Sets 86 comments

by telex
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Dec 07 2004
That is close... eerily close. To be honest, I used a fox in a little comic book I have at home as inspiration, and drew something that looked similar, which leads me to think that this representation of a fox must be fairly common.

It certainly shouldn't represent a copyright issue. But I can change it a little if it makes people nervous. - Jun 29 2004
You'll just have to find a piece of software the can user Bzipped files. Every GNU/Linux distribution installs that as standard. On other platforms, I'm afraid I don't know. - May 13 2004
It's in the description up the page. Just google for the names. - May 13 2004
Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out! - May 11 2004
About gtk apps: I don't really know. The firefox icon works for me, because it's in the kmenu. I assume it's something that could sort out though

About the colours: yes, I used the colour script, like so:

# cd /path/to/svg-icons/svg-utils
# ./ svgcolor-xml/lila/lila-blue.xml ../../lila/kde/scalable ~/lila-blue

And it worked fine :) - May 11 2004
I realised I didn't have the 22x22/apps folder in the index.desktop file. I added it in, and they worked. It was a very stupid mistake! - Apr 23 2004
Could you please add those to the wiki? The link is highlighted at the bottom of the description of the icon theme (scroll up). - Apr 23 2004
I did, and I've got some of them in 0.6. It takes me a while to do new ones from scratch though, because I'm better at copying & pasting elements of existing icons than I am at drawing new ones that fit.

Feel free to have a stab yourself, even if they're rubbish (they might give me some ideas). Just copying crystal versions is a bit dull! - Apr 19 2004
Sorry ;) - Apr 19 2004
I'm also confused by the kopete system tray icon. I've checked Reinhardt, which works in the system tray, and I've got exactly the same icon names present, but for some reason in Lila it doesn't work. The same happens for klipper. But KWallet and KLaptopdaemon work fine for me.

Hopefully I'll fix it, but if anyone can help, I'd welcome a solution. - Apr 06 2004
Hmm, I don't know why your icons look darker. I've not changed the colours at all.

And yes, I have all of those icons in Kontact done, though there may be more that aren't shown by default I'm missing. I'll release the work I've done so far soon, and if there are yet more icons missing, I'll try to accomodate :) - Apr 05 2004
OK, I've fixed the rsvg error. Also, I've got all of the icons for Kopete and Juk now, as well as Kontact, K3B and ark. If there are other apps you'd like icons for, please ask, otherwise I just sit around and do odd icons - not very productive :) - Apr 04 2004
Yes, it's based on Gentoo. The person who started the icon set (whose link is in the description above) did it specifically for Gentoo, though I have tried to provide alternative icons for those who don't use Gentoo. - Apr 03 2004
OK, ignore that, you can theme it, but the icon themes I was using as reference (crystal, reinhardt and Gorilla) either don't, or do it incorrectly, so I was misled. I've now done all the K3B icons... expect them in the next release. - Mar 31 2004
Ah, thanks for that. I've changed the script, so it will work in the next release. - Mar 31 2004
The aqua font is free as in beer, I'm not sure how Free the license is. You can get it here:

Or in gentoo with "emerge aquafont" and/or "emerge aquapfont". - Mar 31 2004
Ok, I've done all of those icons except some for K3B, which you can't theme (I've filed a bug for K3B). Those icons are the ones used by "Copy CD", "Blank CD" and others. - Mar 31 2004
I'm working on it ;-)

If there are any icons in particular you want doing, post a list here and I'll prioritise them. - Mar 30 2004
If anyone wants to remove Gentoo icons and references, all the artwork is shipped as SVGs, so it'd be very easy to do it. - Mar 24 2004

Icon Sub-Sets 9 comments

by dgt84
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Jul 02 2004
Hi Daniel... perhaps you could add a link to the KDE entry? I've just crosslinked now... - Jun 28 2004
The Reinhardt Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets 85 comments

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Aug 09 2006
How did you get the set to work perfectly with KSVG? Is it something that other SVG theme authors (cough cough) can do without too much trouble? - May 31 2004
As someone who is also working on an SVG icon set, I'd really appreciate it if you could explain the problems and keep us all informed, or point to bugs and mailing list posts that do the job! - Apr 02 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 43 comments

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May 19 2004
You need to copy the file so it's a new file, ~/.skippyrc

You've created a directory, ~/.skippyrc , and then put the file in that, which is wrong.

cp /path/to/skippyrc-default ~/.skippyrc - May 19 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba 25 comments

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May 10 2004
Well, if you see this in time, drop into #lila-icons on freenode at 14:00 GMT. We're having our first proper live discussion about the project, so you can join in and we can discuss flat as well properly.

Otherwise... we have in mind pretty much what I wrote above :) You could import your flat theme into the CVS repository, and then it'd provide a second, KDE-only icon theme to work on re:the utils we're developing. If you know any Python, or indeed any other programming language, you could also help develop these utils. - May 08 2004
The franchise moves on ;-)

By the way, am I correct in thinking you work with SVGs?

The reason I ask is that I'm working on a new project, based around the Lila iconset I'm working on with GNOME, Xfce, Enlightenment and other platform people, for SVG icons. We're working both on:

o A reference set of icons
o A set of tools to cope with porting between desktops
o A set of tools to do interesting things with SVGs (currently we can change colourschemes)

We're also possibly going to work through fd.o to unify the icon specs for all desktop environments that work with fd.o, so that porting becomes a thing of the past.

If you'd like to do this, drop me an e-mail (look at my profile, and my web site, and you'll find it). - May 07 2004

Various KDE Stuff 44 comments

by aivs
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May 03 2004
Your menu idea is obviously popular with the KDE-Look crowd, but I'd be very surprised if it ever got into the main KDE source code.

There have been endless debates about the kmenu, and one thing is for certain: KDE is not going down the WinXP route any time soon. Not because KDE hates WinXP, but because the WinXP has a lot of usability flaws. For example:

- There are too many different kinds of icons that have different functions; some open applications, some open submenus, some open dialogue boxes. There's no indication as to what each icon will do

- You have to be far more careful with your mouse to select some of the submenus, because, unlike in the default kmenu configuration, you can't just run your mouse up against the side of the desktop.

That said, if you or someone else could code it, there'd be a lot of happy KDE users about. - Apr 30 2004

System Software 12 comments

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Apr 24 2004
Nevermind, it turns out it's a bug in KDE 3.2.2: - Apr 23 2004
When I put in my root password for administrator mode, it keeps telling me the password is wrong! Any idea what's going on here? - Apr 23 2004

Icon Sub-Sets 149 comments

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Jun 18 2018
As you're working with SVGs, you could easily write a quick shell/python/perl script to run through all the files changing the colours. So long as you're using a standard set of gradients on each icon, it's a simple matter of substuting the hex values for colours.

So you could very quickly produce any colour scheme you like. Find a few good defaults and package the script with SVGs ;) - Apr 19 2004

Graphic Apps 25 comments

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Sep 29 2005
The digikam plugins can be used in other applications. ShowIMG used them, for example.

It'd be good if KPhotoBook made use of them! - Apr 12 2004

QtCurve 34 comments

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May 03 2007
Make the scrollbars more flat when inactive, and keep them as they are when active, so you have the "pushed down" look. - Mar 17 2004
Plastik for Mozilla

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 38 comments

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Aug 29 2004
Just another vote for a Firefox port. - Mar 12 2004