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Chris Mullen , United States of America
GDM Themes
Black Mesa Login

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Jul 26 2008
love me some half-life goodies - Jul 27 2008

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Apr 21 2008
I tried to run the .deb and I get this error when installing :ERROR: DEPENDENCY IS NOT SATISFIABLE: PYTHON-CENTRAL. what do I need to do? - Apr 05 2008

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May 30 2012
How do I get it to show the album art in the screenlet?

Also, I hear you are the guy to go to on how to develop screelets,and i really want to know how, could you help me out a little? - Apr 02 2008
Human population

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Mar 27 2008
Could you do a U.S. debt ticker that shows our govts. debt like this one: that would be really cool - Apr 01 2008
Clear Weather Screenlet

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May 11 2008
thanks, helped out - Apr 01 2008
i input my zipcode and the screenlet shows the right town, but the forecast is off by a mile! it may be about 60 degrees outside and it says it is 9 degrees. is it using Celsius? i cant find a place to change it to Fahrenheit. - Mar 19 2008

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Mar 16 2008
works now thank you - Mar 25 2008
okay I have 3 stocks running, but I only meant to run 2, how do I remove just one without removing them all? - Mar 19 2008
how can I monitor multiple stocks like you have shown in the thumbnail image? - Mar 18 2008

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Jun 12 2010
I have the same issue and I cant seem to do anything to get it to move either. - Mar 19 2008
Tv guide

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Mar 18 2008
What exactly is the XMLTV file? - Mar 18 2008
Rss reloaded

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Mar 18 2008
I tried resizing it because it was interfering with my other screenlets due to its height, but when I changed the font size nothing happened. Can I somehow just change the size of it vertically without affecting all of the scale? - Mar 18 2008