Muse Suite

GTK2 Themes by techwizrd 4 comments

It's using the Murrina engine. I've jut spent a lot of time messing with the widgets. :P - Sep 20 2008
Muse Suite

GTK2 Themes by techwizrd 4 comments

Nice! I'll add a color mod called Gold Muse so others can use the gold colors easily too. - Sep 19 2008

Full Icon Themes by deviantdark 508 comments

These look amazing! I personally never liked the Oxygen-Refit icons (I thought they were ugly). These look very clean and usable. Please continue development! One thing though: could you please not use those ugly blue blender icons. They look really bad. - Sep 17 2008

Full Icon Themes by 1cewolf 4 comments

Not bad! This is probably the one of the few green themes that I like! (I personally favor silver and blue) Have you tried contacting the Mint team and seeing if this can be added to Mint 6? - Sep 08 2008

Full Icon Themes by DarknessssenkraD 30 comments

Nice icons! If it's not to much to ask, would it be possible for you to create a Paper gtk theme (possibly with the pixbuf engine)?

If not, I might try, but I've never been good with pixbuf as I normally work with Murrina and Clearlooks. - Sep 03 2008
Dark Mist

GTK2 Themes by kiddo 4 comments

Great theme! I was thinking of doing something similar myself with black and green. Thanks for making an awesome theme!

Now I just need to write a script to automatically change themes at a specified time... bash an gtk-theme-switch should do nicely... - Aug 30 2008
Lindows XP Backround

Wallpaper Other by tux99999 1 comment

You do realize that there actually was a Linux distribution named 'Lindows', right? They changed their name to Linspire and then to Digital Cornerstone. After that they got then all of their assets were aquired by Xandros.

I apologize if you were actually part of the Linspire team, but if you're not, aren't violating a trademark or something? - Aug 27 2008

GDM Themes by SpongeDoc 2 comments

Nice to see some themes catering for us pen-and-paper roleplayers. Great job.

Could you please change it from 'ubuntu download' to 'download'? Ubuntu is only one of the many Linux distributions. Although I use Ubuntu (8.10), I prefer FOSS or Linux rather than Ubuntu. - Aug 20 2008
That may not necessarily be a bug. It could just be that he did not resize the window enough.

I think it looks very nice. Have you added this to the Art discussions for Ubuntu Ibex on the Ubuntu Wiki? - Aug 16 2008
ibex mockup (wilwil100)

GDM Themes by abhinandh 9 comments

Besides the fact that this looks ugly (which is just my opinion), why did you use a camera? Just install the 'xnest' package and select Main Menu> System Tools> New Login in a New Window. After that use Alt+PrintScreen and take a screenshot. - Aug 08 2008
MacOS-like wallpaper 2

Wallpaper Other by El-Sato 6 comments

Nice wallpaper. However, I'd suggest changing the name to something other than MacOS-like wallpaper as most of us prefer Linux for being Linux, not for being Mac, Windows, not-Mac, or not Windows.

Still, really nice wallpaper. I changed the color to blue and am using it on my desktop right now. - Aug 05 2008
Bill has stopped working

Wallpaper Other by LastJudge 8 comments

I'm not sure you can release this if yu used the Windows Vista Wallpaper. The Windows Vista Wallpaper is proprietary.

Kind of funny, but not really. - Jul 31 2008
Linux Sucks

Wallpaper Other by amritivas 3 comments

I understand you're a BSD fan and I understand the idealogical differences between the Linux and BSD camps, but this is just mean. We're all still fossware, so hating Linux does not solve the problem of proprietary software.

Not only that. The BSD daemon is raping Tux in the (well, just look at the picture). That is just being very extreme. Children visit this site you know. What is wrong with you.

I am going to vote this down. I hope you rethink your baseless hate and take this down. - Jul 29 2008
Ubux2 Wallpapers (1440x900)

Wallpaper Other by marcozanger 3 comments

These look really good! Nice job. However, could you remove the Ubuntu logos? Even though I use Ubuntu, I prefer to have a desktop that screams Linux rather than Ubuntu. Also, SVG sources would be nice. I'd like to make a darker blue to fit my theme. - Jul 26 2008
The Squirrel

GDM Themes by franek 1 comment

Nice to see the blender community get some love here. I really like Big Buck Bunnny and I can't wait for the game to be released. Go Blender! :) - Jul 26 2008

Full Icon Themes by csmart 39 comments

I really like this theme. The one thing about this theme that really bugs me is the icons for 'Computer','user's Home','Network Servers',and 'Trash' cannot be stretched. I normally have these icons stretched on my desktop so that they are bigger than all the other icons on my Desktop. It's for that sole reason that I am still using the other Oxygen Gnome icon theme. Is it possible if you please include SVGs for some icons? Otherwise, your theme is perfect. :) - May 26 2008
Stallman pop-art

Wallpaper Other by gnome-like 8 comments

No one owns the Linux code (despite what SCO might claim).

RMS is the Father of Free Software. Fine. The reason I said GNU is because free software existed a long time ago.

Software was always free until a few big businesses decided that opening their software meant they were losing trade secrets. Soon every business was doing it and almost nobody released the code for their software. RMS came along and created a system where software would be free and stay free thanks to the viral-nature of the GPL. All RMS needed was a kernel for his new GNU tools.

Linus Torvalds created Linux on his own for a while. RMS convinced him to release the kernel under the GNU GPL license. GNU now had a kernel for their GNU tools.

Linus Torvalds wrote the first version of Linux and named it after himself. He was the original creator. That it why we call him the Father of Linux.

Afterwards, many people, businesses, and companies found out about LInux and started contributing. Even to this day, Linus continues to be one of the highest single contributors to the Linux Kernel.

I am surprised that much of the community doesn't actually understand how it all happened. - May 04 2008
Stallman pop-art

Wallpaper Other by gnome-like 8 comments


FYI, Linus Torvalds is the father of Linux. RMS convinced Torvalds to release Linux under the GNU GPL and therefore it became GNU/Linux.

RMS - father of GNU, Emacs, GPL, etc.
Linux Torvalds - father of Linux Kernel

Please fix the picture. - May 04 2008

Full Icon Themes by yopnono 70 comments

I second this idea. I really don't like how every theme these days is either Vista or OS X. We need more original themes that look good. - Apr 19 2008
Green lemon 2

GTK2 Themes by murasame 6 comments

It looks nice, but it seems too yellow. That would detract from the usability. I think the idea is good, but I sure would not want to use this theme on a daily basis. - Apr 12 2008
Blue Psychedelic Ripple

Wallpaper Other by techwizrd 3 comments

Sorry, my desktop is actually 1280x800. I don't know how too change the resolution without greatly reducing the quality of the image. - Apr 09 2008
Excelsior (Engine)

GTK2 Themes by Chrispy 85 comments

I think it would be helpful for alot of non-technical users for you to package this... I have been trying to compile it for a while with no luck. A Debian package would be really nice.

The theme looks really nice right now. It would be a shame for people to not be able to use the theme simply because they can't compile it. - Mar 29 2008
Live Ubuntu Power!

Gnome Screenshots by Dibon 2 comments

...but that is not a wallpaper. That belongs in the Screenshots category. - Mar 21 2008
Excelsior (Engine)

GTK2 Themes by Chrispy 85 comments

I really like the Progress Bars, but I personally think the rest of the theme is not so good. I want to see if I can take Murrine or Clearlooks theme and put these progressbars in... I think that would look really nice. - Mar 20 2008
ublendtu studio

Wallpaper Other by nysomin01 4 comments

That's a really great idea! I should really think about remastering an ublendtu studio. - Feb 17 2008

Wallpaper Other by techwizrd 2 comments

Thanks! I appreciate it. - Sep 15 2007