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Mandriva Star Matrix

Wallpapers Mandriva by envyouraudience 2 comments

Thanks for the mandriva version!

Never expected that you could use one of my images (since they were a bit small). - Mar 13 2009
Debian Matrix wall

Wallpapers Debian by envyouraudience 4 comments

Thanks for the WS version!

About the picture of mandriva logo, couldn't find much better than this...:

Nevermind, but I thank you for your interest in doing it. - Mar 10 2009
Debian Matrix wall

Wallpapers Debian by envyouraudience 4 comments

What a beautiful wallpaper we have here!
But it's a shame that there is no widescreen version....

Could u do the WS version? I would appreciate it.
Oh btw is not asking much, could u create one with the mandriva star? (yellow in blue sure is good combination) - Mar 10 2009
Many thanks ianimal! Works wonderfully now!
As I can see, the entire widget as been created in python, so, making it as a screenlet would be the final touch, since many of the people who like this maybe want it: or in a single desktop or maybe hidden and after invoking the widget layer make it visible again or maybe both.
But for nows works greatly! Oh btw, there is a way to change the color of the bars in the code? If yes where to look for it? - Mar 09 2009
I've downloaded and installed that package for mandriva (it exists in the repos), but for some reason when I have banshee turned on and listening music, spectrolet will not take a single action! It is only a blue and red bar in the middle of the screen doing nothing...
Maybe spectrolet is not ready to capture sound from speakers with the esound compability package? - Mar 09 2009
Your little widget looks very cool but I have a great problem.
In order to make your widget work, I must install esound. My system runs on pulseaudio system, so in order to make it work, I have to uninstall pulseaudio and install esound, but if I do this, I will lose my system's sound!

Is there is any way to make your widget work with pulseaudio? It would be awesome.

P.S: Esound is now considered deprecated in some systems like mandriva, maybe in the future it will be for other distributions. - Mar 07 2009
Chrome Glass

Cursors by fnaax 24 comments

I seriously have no idea why but when I always apply this theme it always broken my system to an extent that every time I try to type anything anywhere (even at password login) always restart my x server for no reason. - Mar 07 2009
System tray screenlet

Conky by mtrauts 22 comments

I've added and tested a little your screenlet and I found something very odd: after I execute the screenlet and close, all of my tray icons in exception of sound control disappear! All of them appear after I restart X

And BTW, in the next releases considerer adding borders or images for the background of the screenlet, and it would be very good to choose different opacities between background and icons - Mar 06 2009
Mar 09 2009