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Travis Tooke

GTK2 Themes 50 comments

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Apr 08 2007
Disregard, I redownloaded it and started over and now I have it working properly. I guess I probably got a little carried away with the editing my first go around. - Aug 17 2008
I'm trying to remove the border on tray icons. I've tried what has worked with me on some themes: commenting out bg_pixmap[normal], but that doesn't seem to do the trick. I'm on KDE and don't know that much about gtk themes so if anybody here can help me out I'd be grateful. - Aug 16 2008

Arcade 10 comments

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Jun 03 2009
Thought I'd update you on that. Apparently it had something to do with those settings. I recently installed compiz fusion and the tutorial I followed had me change some things on my xorg.conf and now it's working right. Go figure. - Aug 14 2008
For some reason the picture on this game seems to be scrolling rapidly vertically for me. It's like watching tv with the vertical hold off. - Jun 22 2008
Kore Suite

Beryl/Emerald Themes 161 comments

by code2
Score 67.1%
Apr 04 2007
Spectacular theme suite! The best I have ever seen and the first to so wholly give my desktop a uniform appearance. I absolutely love it. The only thing I changed on my setup was the fonts. - Aug 13 2008
UTube Ripper

Network 6 comments

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May 22 2008
Nice, that fixes it. Thanks! Very nice application by the way. - May 09 2008
I just tried the new version and it's doing the same thing. I'm using Gambas 2.2.1 on Slackware 12.1 running KDE 3.5.9. When I first posted I was on Slackware 12.0 and KDE 3.5.7. I'm updating to Gambas 2.5 right now to see if that will help. - May 09 2008
Every time I try to convert the flv file I get an empty mpg file. I'm going to guess that the reason is that the flv I'm working with is 12 fps and mpeg1 doesn't support that. The same thing will happen if I try to do it with ffmpeg and do not specify -r. Is there a way to use a framerate parameter in .utube.config or am I completely wrong in my guess on what my problem is? - May 04 2008

Audio Extractors/Converters 608 comments

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Oct 01 2017
Thanks! Nice app by the way. - Apr 14 2008
That only shows me options for the encoder, not the actualy ripper. - Apr 12 2008
Is there a way for me to call cdparanoia with the -O parameter in soundkonverter? I couldn't find where to do something like that. - Apr 12 2008

System Software 4 comments

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Jan 07 2009
Very nice. While I've never really had a problem editing my fstab or manually mounting or unmounting something, it is really nice to have something that allows me to avoid all the bother and just get to it. - Apr 12 2008