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Travis Rector , United States of America

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Apr 15 2008
It says the icon theme nuoveXT.2.2 isn't installed. What do I install? - Mar 05 2011

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Jul 04 2008
all i done was dragged the .tar.gz into the Appearance window, and it installed it,im using Ubuntu 10.04 - Aug 23 2010
I'm using Ubuntu, but I'll tell you how I do it. If your using Gnome, Go to System->Preferences->Appearance.
Open up the folder where the 57063-Moomex.tar.gz is, drag the file into the Appearance window. It should say successfully installed, click Ok, and scroll down until you see Moomex. Click it, and it should be applied.Tell me if you have problems. - Aug 10 2010
Ubuntulooks Engine

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

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Jul 26 2006
I installed exactly as the readme, but it still says ubuntulooks is not installed. I even restarted, but no help. am i supposed to install the .so or something? if so, how do i do it? - Aug 10 2010