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Tony Dipane Chicago, United States of America

GTK2 Themes by TheRob 74 comments

I'm still fairly new to Linux (though, I've managed to compile everything correctly on my TC1000; touchscreen, pen,, not blazingly green new), so, perhaps I am just missing something important. When I enable this theme in User Interface, everything seems to work fine, except I don't seem to have the "buttons" that appear in the screenshot (ex. the "Back" button in the browser). I used the TechniX Window Manager theme, too, in hopes that it may fix the problem, but it seems to only affect the border. I know I have to be missing something here. Everything else looks so great, but the button inside windows are still so grey and dull. Any pointers? Thanks for any help!

P.S. - I do have the gtk2-engines installed for -clearlooks, -gtk-qt, -mist & -xfce, by the way. - Sep 16 2008