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May 21 2020
Thanks. Regarding desktop corners please read - May 22 2020
Thanks! - May 18 2020
Thanks! Nice that you contributed to improve it. - May 18 2020
I think maybe it can become a good alternative on more powerful machines, capable of running animations smoothly even with many windows open. - Apr 16 2020
Thanks! I don't know if Parachute can replace the effects that seem to be unbeatable in some ways, like the smoothness of the animations. But I am also satisfied with the results so far. - Apr 15 2020
@emvaized, I don't know why but I was unable to directly reply to your comment. Well, I don't know if it would be worth trying to implement this with some limitations imposed on KWin scripts. - Apr 14 2020
Thanks man! I really appreciate it. - Apr 14 2020
Does it appear as enabled in the kwin script list? The name of the shortcut in global shortcuts is Parachute. - Apr 13 2020
Maybe we will see improvements like this in the future, but this is not a commitment. :) - Apr 09 2020
I have a quick look on the github page of the author of Latte. On especifically. There he is not using a custom icon. Maybe in another project. - Apr 08 2020
Got it. Cool. - Apr 08 2020
The problem with the icon is that I have to use its absolute full path in Icon =... row. And using ~ as a shortcut to the home folder doesn't work either. - Apr 08 2020
You have to consider that Parachute is not ready to replace the Present Windows effect, that has more features. So I think the fork with focus on Parachute is perhaps the best option, but that's just my opinion. - Apr 08 2020
The plasmoid would be nice.
Would the symbolic icon be used in the KWin scripts window? I tried to use a custom icon there but was unsuccessful.
- Apr 07 2020
Thanks! Are you sure that it works with activities? When you switch to another activity the script shows only windows of the current activity? - Mar 26 2020