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Beryl/Emerald Themes

Beryl/Emerald Themes 13 comments

by TaKo
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Jan 30 2007
JAGT v. 0.8 is only for emerald-themer 0.2.0 svn!
But, there's an option to change this... see here:


Gruß TaKo - Feb 01 2007
have a look at this:

greets TaKo - Jan 31 2007
sorry for late answer,
there's a wallpaperpack on deviantart, but i can't find the link anymore.

anyway... you can get the wallpaper here: - Dec 11 2006
You can found many "HowTos" and "Repos" for div. distros on this forum.... - Nov 03 2006
If "beryl" and "emerald" packages are installed..
run emerald-theme-manager and import "JAGT.emerald" - Nov 02 2006
Yes it's the buuf iconset :-)
You can find it in the "Icon Themes" section....

The GTK Theme is "SmoothDarkTango",... - Nov 02 2006
buuf icon theme

Full Icon Themes 41 comments

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Jul 28 2007
sorry.... but both don't work:-(((
repack as ~.tar.gz
unpacked and moved to home/~/.themes - Sep 11 2006
Very very nice, but can't get it to work:-(
"wrong fileformat"
SuSE10.1 GnomeDesktop - Sep 09 2006