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abel torres
BASH Shortcuts

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Jun 29 2009
original one ;) - Jun 29 2009
Distro Balls Clipart

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Oct 03 2008
I could provide you the xcf file which has one layer per ball. Gnome look is not hosting files bigger than 750 kb and this pic is 2.2 mb. I can send it using email to those who are interested while I look for a hosting site. - Oct 06 2008
Distro balls

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Jun 03 2008
send me a message with your email, the color and the resolution you want and i'll send you the wallpaper ;) - Oct 03 2008
I could send you many png files with the balls. The gimp source xcf has in the same layer all the balls together, so they can't be apart. - Aug 21 2008
you're asking for a different wallpaper per ball?

- Aug 18 2008
i'll try to add missing distros but currently i'm a little busy with my exams. Hope to upload a new version within this month, so please be patient ;) - Jun 15 2008
thanks! ;) - Jun 04 2008
well, I'm not a graphist, but of course I have the main xcf file. I just needed some pics I didn't save as .xcf filetype(yes, big mistake). Now I got them again and I'm working on the reflection issue, hope it will be solved soon. Higher resolution versions are incoming too. - May 21 2008
I've been already told about that. You're right, reflection should be applied globally. I didn't realized it when making the wallpaper and now it's hard to solve because I don't have all the source files needed, but I'll try to do it.

Thanks for your advice!!! :D - May 05 2008
Thanks for your words!!! A shirt would be nice, I've also thought about that idea. There are many places on the net where you can get one sending the pic to print. - May 05 2008
There are many balls missing, sorry. Older and important distros have bigger balls, that's the reason because they are on background. If they were on front we wouldn't see smaller balls. - May 05 2008
done. You'll find it here - Apr 21 2008
thanks ;) - Apr 21 2008
I don't know what color you like the most, so I have modified the blue version. Hope this is what you want ;) - Mar 20 2008
sorry man, I have not forgotten arch, it's just there are many distros and obviously I couldn't include all of them. I'm sorry for yellow dog, Mepis, PClinuxOS, Linux Mint, Arch linux and a bunch of flavours that doesn't appear on the wallpaper. - Mar 03 2008
thanks both of you, i'm really glad you like it ;) - Feb 11 2008
thanks for your words :D

about the fedora wallpaper, have you tried google looking for "fedora dna wallpaper"? - Feb 06 2008
of course it does, I should have done a slack ball for the wall, but I didn't find a nice .png logo. Now i've found one, so i'll upload a new version soon.

Thanks for your suggestion ;) - Feb 05 2008
thanks for your comment!!! - Feb 03 2008

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by gp42
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May 03 2008
very nice!!! - Jun 11 2008
Gnome simple powerfull free

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May 22 2008
who cares about the title? Awesome pic! - May 22 2008
Blue Plasma

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by foma
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May 09 2008
would you mind if I link this mod from the original one? - May 11 2008
ubuntu plasma

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Jan 08 2008
I understand your situation, but i don't have the original xfc file (if I had I would have released a higher resolution wallpaper) so it's hard to remove the text without ruining the lights of the background. Anyway I'll try to do something, thanks for your comment ;) - Apr 21 2008
Hi, font is domestic manners ;) - Apr 21 2008
First of all, thanks :P

This one was simple to do. It has a background layer all in black. Then I put a new transparent one with a supernova and iwarped it. That's how you get that fuzzy effect.

The ubuntu logo it's just a mod of this pic (
I cut the letters and played with color balance to get them blue. - Mar 16 2008
Ubuntu Flame

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Mar 16 2008
yeah! it's better now ;) - Mar 16 2008
Cool wallpaper!!! Those effects applied on red hues achieve nice fire like results, but maybe it would be better with other ubuntu logo in transparent letters. - Mar 16 2008

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Jan 09 2008
I've have already answered you to your comment in "ubuntu plasma" section. If you have any doubt that my humble gimp knowledge can solve, just feel free to mail me at inhuman.rampage(at), ok? - Mar 16 2008
I've already seen it and the other one you have uploaded. I've also commented it :D - Mar 16 2008
Hi, thanks for your comment. I'm happy you have started using gimp again because of this wallpaper. My English isn't as good as I'd like so I don't understand very well your question, sorry. All I can answer you is that the light effects are made with different layers with one supernova on each one over a black background. The rest is just iwarp effect. - Mar 16 2008
really, really XD

one layer for the background, and another four layers for four supernovas, each one transformed with iwarp filter. You give 'em the shape you want and this is the result. It has to be easy because my Gimp level is very low hehe.

I'm glad you like it ;)

- Jan 09 2008
thanks for your comment :D

yes, i've made it with Gimp, using different layers with supernovas on each one and iwarp effect. - Jan 09 2008
where's the monkey?

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Sep 24 2007
thanks both of you guys ;) - Feb 04 2008
Debian Painted

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Mar 13 2008
Great wallpaper! How did you do the yellow splash with all those drops?
- Jan 30 2008
SlicknesS Emerald

Beryl/Emerald Themes 54 comments

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Mar 10 2008
Thank you for all the time you man spend with slickness look doing a wonderful theme with so many updates. - Jan 22 2008
ubuntu plasma purple

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Jan 16 2008
my fault, sorry. Now it's solved. - Jan 16 2008
Slickness Black

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Feb 18 2008
most beautiful dark theme i've ever used, thanks!!! - Jan 15 2008
Manifold Growth

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Jan 14 2008
i almost forget, try to save it as a *.png file, quality is better. - Jan 13 2008
nice wallpaper! thanks for sharing ;) - Jan 13 2008

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Oct 08 2007
thanks for your comment, a lower contrast version is now available, hope you like it ;) - Oct 08 2007