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KDE 3.5 Themes 251 comments

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Feb 08 2007
Version 1! Man, just returned home and new version is here. On 3 screenshot I like that window decoration on the bottom of the shot. Maybe even more than my BII. Gonna try it now. Pitty I alone cannot boost rating to 100% ;-(( - Jul 19 2006
Ah, I do understand now, actually I tried your decoration. It fit to window better, still I found it to be a bit strange, sorry ;) 1; it have too much of height, 2 gradient patern inside with that plastic like border arround is not well done. Actually, u could rather "copy" my B II look from the screenshot even with colors and buttons, and make it better aligned with window(as your deco do). Gradient would go from custom color(top) to window color(bottom), and bottom color would be already aligned with window color so there would be no line between. It is good that there are quite lot of options in your deco already, just that big heigh and thick borders and gradient from letf>right instead od top>bottom>align_color_with_win(or win_menu) is prob. for me. Good work anyway, your style rulez and u had kicked ass to all that others.Am happy u check my screenshots, in fact, u're elite on your own and am just a passive user. - Jun 26 2006
What? another version..? Cool, am using B II win. decoration too, great! And new colors looks super as well. I moved from gnome in favor of this style some time ago. Serenity style, I love u, u're my babe... - Jun 24 2006
Ah, a new version of my favorite style... - Jun 16 2006
This theme should became standard and replace plastic,it is example for those "would-be-themez".Am still looking for suitable icons, but they'r either horrible or not finished. Pls make icons too! ;(( - Jun 09 2006
Best one out there.U kicked ass them all.Why it still didnt reached 100% rating,I even bothered to create account just to write this.It is a masterpiece.U evidently have style pal.. - Jun 04 2006

KDE Plasma Screenshots 8 comments

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Jun 26 2006
its there, was my net problems... Pls comment your opinions. - Jun 27 2006
I really dont know whats wrong, I did deleted old pics and uploaded new ones, still old ones appear... but maybe its here as I have little net problems, will upload later in about 2-3 weeks when I return home. ;( - Jun 26 2006
Thnx, am not sure what 3D efect u mean, I dont use xgl yet. Style is Serenity, icons are LoGloss. that 2 karambas on the left are SpecStatus and LiquidWeather++, Wallpaper I found here somewhere as all other stuff. If u mean that 3d-like gradient colors, thats Serenity style, if u mean that shadow dropped on the corners of menus thats normal and u can set that in control center. - Jun 15 2006
It is SpecStatus, u'll found it somewhere here. As u can see on screenshot, there is little prob. with font, but now there is new version which have this bug repaired so dont worry. - Jun 09 2006
ok ;) I must admit that I was in hurry, am still looking for good icon theme and I didnt palyed with it good enough.
On second, I prefer theme that is not aggresive to eyes and isn't in your way when using desktop. Thats why I used default simple theme in gnome and default plastic in kde, until I found serenity. I found out that I can live witch such themes longest, without being irritated. But u have your style, 'fcourse.. I believe, with a bit tweaking of colors, putting better icons(hardest to find btw), maybe tweaking kicker as well etc., this theme will kick ass!! ;DD With regards: TheSelfCentricElitist ;p - Jun 09 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba 6 comments

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May 28 2006
ok pal, here we go:
1; to turn on/off some stuff as I said before(this is the only "important" and easy to implement)
2; my string "AMD Athlon(tm) XP ....." is so long that last few letters cross black border(check my "elite" screenshots here in screenshots section)
3;with these smaller fonts now, I think there could fit at least 3 lines so I could choose what disk partitions to show, for example /var /home / would be my preference. /var is same important as /. Or add /var simple as permanent.
4;for amarok, maybe to be able to show open file/dir dialog on right click for adding new/other files/dirs - Jun 26 2006
This is my favorite status karamba. Am using it and love it. Maybe only thing I miss is options for add/remove parts, for example I would like to remove "time" and "kernel" section, and/or leave just cpu, mem, net and maybe amarok.. - Jun 16 2006
KDE Twister

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 21 comments

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Jun 01 2007
It was problem for me to find wallpaper with good style. How can someone put nature, animals or stupid women on theyr desktop? - Jun 16 2006
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba 1797 comments

by Matti
Score 46.0%
Jun 01 2008
Its perfect and usefull karamba, I dont see why it still dont have 90%+! - Jun 16 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 613 comments

Score 58.0%
Mar 05 2008
By saying dynamic height, U probably mean that kicker would change height run-time as new entries would be added. While thats not bad too, for now I mean (and prefer) static height, but customizable in control center. I simple need to set permanent heigh > current. Such option is probably most necessary for me now, nothing else matters. And in control center, maybe consider to put "kbfx" option to "Desktop" subsection, instead of "Appearance & Themes". Because this is not just kicker theme, its whole new kicker with different funcionality. Also U can see "Panels" and "Taskbar" in "Desktop" section, therefore I was logicaly expected "kbfx" there as well. But this is not so important now. Last thing, that someone already mentioned is that tooltip with butterfly that appear on mouse hover, either remove or put option to remove or better put option to change somehow, at least that butterfly animated icon. Without butterfly its pretty nice tooltip. Also consider to change start menu icon to be at least compatible with normal height of taskbar set, and its texture to be more quadratic and fit well to default taskbar theme. I believe u use customized taskbar and custom bitmap on it. This and missing height option are 2 most important things that prevent me from using kbfx. Am really looking forward for changes, and using kbfx. - Jun 14 2006
ok, am using arch linux,, but while this distro use pacman and package tree, there wasnt kbfx so I had to download and compile. Problem occurs when I want to ADD kbfx kicker via: taskbar->add_applet, I can see it actually add it(get kbfx start icon), then after about 1s it crash and I get kde crash dialog. It also remove whole taskbar from screen. That happen always. I did compiled and installed without any problem, I even changed to --prefix=/opt/kde as I saw in archlinux forum for how-to(Please go on archlinux page and its forum, then search for "kbfx", there u'll find one howto for There are other things that u'll maybe like to see and consider on this howto). That version worked, but any never not. I didnt tried never than or so... I tried using - modified (for prefix) and unmodified as well as classic make way too. Actually in control center I can see kbfx and its settings so it probably installed well.
Btw that option in control center for switching between kbfx and classic kicker is useless as I can simply taskbar->add_applet->kde_menu and/or taskbar->remove_applet->kbfx. Also, If I use kbfx option instead of way I said here, am still left with kbfx start icon on the taskbar - it dont change back to previous k-menu icon. To get it right, kbfx have great potential and am also aware that this is still not 1.0 final. Just concentrate on important stuff and dont kill your time with useless "double-funcionality" like kicker-type-switching, it probably took quite lot of your time to implement it. - Jun 14 2006
I used because newer just crash on my archlinux and it did compiled and install succesfully. Still I dont believe it have features I said, Sorry. - Jun 12 2006
Its indeed Very good looking kicker, but it is as unpractical as it is nice, sorry.
While it save me from mouse moving, it actually require A-LOT-OF mouse wheeling and clicking!
I must click on start, then (click again, not just mouse hover!!) on category, then wheeeeeeeeeel mouse for app I need, not to mention that I see very few apps at once because entries have a little much of height so kicker show just very few AND I cannot change height of whole kicker so it could show more...(it simply have bad "overview"), then just because it "auto-sort" on decision of most used apps I cannot relly on remembered fixed position and relative positions of other entries as well so I must really search and not let to use my instinct etc.... To add to it, I cannot change colors and by default, while pretty good, absolutly doesnt fit into my desktop. If I could change some behavior like height of entries, height of whole kicker, sorting mechanism, colors, be able to open category on hovering mouse on it(even open kicker by hovering on start button), then it would be my choice. Until then, I'll stuck with "Windows" kicker, which is to me much more practical right now. Btw, start button dont even fit well to taskbar with normal height set! Btw2, what takes longer and is more iritating on navigating lot of items?:just move mouse few pixels to submenu or scroll 10+ times a wheel, not to mention more clicking - Jun 12 2006
LoGloss SVG

Icon Sub-Sets 44 comments

Score 41.4%
Apr 24 2006
Finally, I have found icons set that fits my style. Its simple, profesional looking and very elegant. Now I have all I need for my desktop theming. - Jun 12 2006