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Chris t3chmonkey
Binary Clock

Karamba & Superkaramba by selan 12 comments

It seems this theme is only updating when activated, ie: When you click on it, it updates the clock display. It also auto-updates the display, but at a crawling rate.

Just in case anybody else is wondering, you can make this clock update in 'real-time', just like the default KDE kicker applet clock, by changing interval=5000 to interval=1000 in the theme's configuration file. Just right click the clock theme and choose 'Edit Theme'.

You'll have to right-click the theme and select 'Reload Theme', but after that it should update in real-time.

I haven't tried this on a really low-spec machine, but is there really any performance-related point in setting the interval to 5000ms? - Feb 05 2005