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Zsolt Sandor
Desktop Concepts
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Kdenlive: Call for Contribution

Desktop Concepts 15 comments

by sz332
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Feb 26 2007

Check this wiki page for mockups:

I created a simple mockup: - Feb 28 2007

I have seen the videoshape in the kde subversion repository.

Link here:

It is pretty useless for a video editor, it only gives support for including video into koffice documentations.. - Feb 27 2007
We need an additional thing:

- Having various mouse cursors would be helpful.


Zsolti - Feb 27 2007

Thank you for your contribution!

- Feb 27 2007
There is only one problem with viva:

viva supports only dv ... - Feb 27 2007

Then just send bugfixes, feature requests, add some tutorials or extensions to the wiki book ( or help us redesigning the menu, or, just post some ideas :) - Feb 26 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 2 comments

by sz332
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Apr 13 2004
Hi everybody!

I made this program under Suse 9.0 and
kde 3.2.1 . I hope you will enjoy it. Any feature requests and bug reports are welcomed.

Have a nice day! - Apr 13 2004