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Event Calendar

Plasma 5 Calendars 462 comments

by Zren
Score 88.5%
Oct 24 2019
Thanks for your great Widget! Would it be somehow possible, to use the Calender with akonadi / Kontact-Calender instead of directly with google. e.g. Open Events in Kalender, not in Browser... that would boost my PIM workflow alot... - Nov 19 2019
Breeze OSX

Aurorae Themes 9 comments

Score 72.2%
Nov 18 2017
Thank you for this Theme, it is by far my favorite! My only issue is, that i can`t get rid of the side borders. If you set them to smallest, it gets closed, but windows are no longer scalable, if you select "no borders", the borders will be big again. Unfortunately your Theme looks amazing withoud borders... do you have any hint or solution for this? - Nov 16 2019

Plasma 5 Add-Ons 53 comments

by Zren
Score 83.9%
Mar 31 2019
Feature request: It would be amazing, if the todo-list could connect with the akonadi tasks from the kontact pim
I woul even throw some bucks on it... is this thing going to be on bountysource= - Jan 17 2018