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systemm0 zer0 columbus, ohio, United States of America
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Nov 14 2013
goes well..

just "confirming" that - Feb 23 2014
I know I have been on hiatus for quite some time.

however I have been working on a new set based on the awesome area, but this time mostly openbox based. however I will not forget my xfce friends.

I like your work and I like where you took it, great job. - Dec 01 2013
area.o.43 C o L o R s

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Apr 07 2011
cool, I had stopped production due to now using gnome3

but I think it's time to revive.

I would be interested in what you have, maybe we can collaborate. PM me. - Jun 27 2013
not even the look? please elaborate... the gtk theme is not the icon theme... this is icons only... plus it replaces a majority of icons... it won't change every app since there are many apps out there. also if it doesn't replace icons then maybe something happened with the installation. - Jul 02 2011
I am working on that, I agree that it needs more icons... - Apr 17 2010
**fixed** and it is not that stupid rapidshare anymore. - Mar 09 2010