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Corey Spruit

Icon Sub-Sets 48 comments

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Feb 17 2006
How do I install this theme? There's no index.theme? It's not showing in my icon themes list.

Nice icons though :) - Jan 22 2006
Jini Icon theme

Icon Sub-Sets 37 comments

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Dec 04 2010
Just letting you know the download doesn't work - says can't connect to database.

Otherwise, the icons look good (Hence why I'm trying to download them). - Sep 21 2005
beach sunset

Beaches and Oceans 4 comments

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May 23 2005
This photo is cool, I like to have tropical wallpapers like this on my work PC while listening to Jack Johnson. Do you know where the scene is? - May 28 2005

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Feb 09 2005
lol, this is gold. I now have it set as my wallpaper here at work >:D

Well done mate :) - Feb 10 2005

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

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Nov 16 2004
This is an off-topic question - but what is that media player you're using? I've seen it in a few screens and don't know what it is :)

Thanks, nice theme by the way! - Nov 15 2004

GTK2 Themes 13 comments

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Jul 01 2004
Hey, this is an awesome theme - is inspiring me to get off my butt and make one.
Anyway, what icons are you using in the screenshot? They look cool. - Nov 14 2004