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Aron Boström Christianstad
dark sunset

Wallpaper Other by morrd 9 comments

I love this photo. The colour scheme, the waves splashing against the shores, the horizon and most of all the silhouette of the branches.

It is a master piece. - Nov 10 2007
In my youth I worked a lot with a distribution called muLinux (µLinux), a two-floppy distribution with X. Later I had a chance to install LoopLinux (a slimmed down RedHat dist) before I finally bought a computer upon which I could install RedHat 5.2. (Later on I fell in love with SuSE and bough it's 7.3 and I have been faithfull to that cute lizard ever since...)

I'd really love to see those two darlings of mine in the timeline! :) - Oct 03 2006
Contacts framework

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by kossebau 12 comments

I haven't been able to test this, but it really seems useful to me. Have you considered joing the kde-pim or plasma teams? - Jul 06 2006
KOffice-1.5 startup screen improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jannuhat 4 comments

Sorry, this is not perfect, ... yet
The idea of sizing up the buttons is a great idea, and it can result in an excellent solution if you follow more cognitive rules of thumbs.

Our human brain is a bit more complicated, so upsizing a button is unfortunately not sufficient for it to be perceived as of greater importance.

A button could be perceived as an important button if it:
* sticks out from other buttons. (in placement, coloring, size, etc.)
* looks like a button (3D effect signalling that you should press it). Unfortunately your solution misses this as the standard 3D hint is designed for buttons of smaller size. Such a big button needs a greater hint so the brain still instantly recognizes it as something that obviously should be pressed. It should also keep the same form as other buttons, i.e. rectangular.
* doesn't resemble other elements too much. (Use a different color scheme, bolder font, useful icons etc.)
* really sticks out from the background. It should certainly not have the same colour as the background.

When I looked at the screenshots, I didn't perceive your buttons as buttons, thus the usability was lowered. :-( They more looke like some decoration.

Keep up the good work! - May 24 2006
kmenu incremental search idea

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by timcharper 16 comments

Neat idea. Meesa likes!

How about adding a "clear" button next to the input field, like that one next to the konqui address bar?

Maybe someone can come up wit ha convenient way of telling the user what submenu the app was found under. (How about a larger, 32x32, icon that has two corresponding rows? One with app name/app description and the other one with submenu namn and the opposite of the previous app desc/app name.)

This could IMHO be implemented by one of those next generation search tools that uses indices. Or maybe that is overkill. - Feb 28 2006
Matrix bootsplash & GRUB & kde splash

Bootsplash Various by freedom2099 21 comments

This is really great! And it can be made even better.

Not that this particular bootsplash can be made better (it allready is magnificient), but it's theme can be extended to a KDE splash, KDM theme and KDE wallpaper (and possibly a entire KDE widget/sound/window/konsole/kicker theme) and thus forming a magnificent collection.

The boot phase of todays KDE systems are oftened far to cluttered IMO. First there is a this black-and-white BIOS screen, then there is the GRUB/LILO boot selector, then there is the boot splash, then there is this other KDM screen and then a new splash and then the desktop shows up with a fith design. I'd love if there was a red (or rather green :-]) line following the startup process.

Anyway, this rules! - Aug 18 2005

Board by epasveer 4 comments

Only missing is a KrosswordKonstructer. I'd really would have use of such as I'm use to construct crosswords as a hobby, rather than solving others.

If I ever could get enough energy to learn the KDE/QT framework, mayby I'm just to lazy to expand my skills beyond C, Java, Ruby, Basic, Pascal or PHP. Sigh. - Jan 08 2004
Amaranth Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Doches 51 comments

Great artistwork! I really think it looks good but there is two major things that makes me keep Crystal.

1) Crystal is kinda greater, and the old 2.x Hi-color also.
2) They looks very Gnomish, great for the KDE community that it can please everyone but I can't stand them to long.

Good luck / Greetings from Scania, Europe. - May 05 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by Doches 26 comments

I realy love them, especially how greenish they look like. But in doubht they will look as good if they are shrinked to 32x32or even smaller. :-(

Having them smaller is a must for my screen (800x600) else to mush screen would be lost. :-(

But if you succeed in doing smaller icons as green and great, I'd be pleased with dropping my present icons. :-) - Feb 10 2003
Kubical - Perspektiva (preview)

Icon Sub-Sets by luci 18 comments

I think they all lokk very good, but one thing bothers me. To have the icons yellow makes it hard for my eyes ontop of wight. It's too sharp and bright, yellow is (IMHO) the worst color of'em all, it doesn't fit with anya other color (except sharp yellow and sharp red.)

Just my ?0.01 - Mar 06 2002