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Gnome 2 Splash Screens

Wallpapers Ubuntu 9 comments

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May 06 2007
Actually! The Linux for Humans is to low-bottom panel cuts off the reflection. - May 07 2007
Could someone make a 1280x1024?


also, please keep making more stuff like this. - May 07 2007

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

by arox1
Score 50.0%
Nov 05 2006
My new fav. murrina!

Thanks for sharing!

* It seems to work fine with Murrine .30.2
- Nov 04 2006

GTK2 Themes 7 comments

Score 46.0%
Nov 05 2006
Thanks for the theme.

How did you make the menu (Applications, Places, System) not colored? I noticed most murrina themes are colored.

thanks! - Oct 20 2006
Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

GTK2 Themes 370 comments

Score 80.4%
Sep 22 2010
Can someone please make a ubuntu edgy .20 deb (socs?)?

- Everytime I try to compile I get error(s).

Also, when installing the .20 deb, should uninstall .13 or will .20 just upgrade the version? I am still trying to learn linux a little at a time (but I think I'm spoiled by ubuntu) ;)

Thanks for the engine! Its the best. - Oct 17 2006
Gaim Tangoish Suite

Various Gnome Stuff 17 comments

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Apr 22 2006
I know there is a Tango "Theme" for Gaim 2.0; however, does anyone know if there is one for 1.5?

swj - Apr 22 2006
Ubuntulooks Quicksilver

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

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May 27 2006
This goes perfectly with tango firefox theme and tango icons.


swj - Apr 17 2006

Metacity Themes 8 comments

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Sep 02 2006
This is great! Candido-graphite + Candido-selected + Tango is my fav theme.

I wish there was a gdm and splash that matched and it would be perhaps the best Gnome Desktop.

Please continue the good work. - Apr 14 2006
Ubuntulooks Pack

GTK2 Themes 22 comments

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Apr 06 2006
Do you know how to fix the graphite theme?

I posted on Phrodo's site and he said he was going to post it; however, he has not yet-not sure what happened.

There is something undefined and it gives xsession errors.


swj - Apr 06 2006

GTK2 Themes 24 comments

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Jun 27 2006
Could this be a problem?


/home/steven/.themes/UbuntuLooks-graphite/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:218: error: invalid string constant "evolution-hack", expected valid string constant

thanks - Mar 18 2006
Sorry-its actually more yellowish. ;) - Mar 17 2006
I wonder what controls the color of tool tips. It would great if the orangish color could be graphite. - Mar 17 2006
Just what I was thinking. Nice job!

I think it would nice for ubuntu users to have original, blue, grey (graphite), and maybe green.


swj - Mar 12 2006

GTK2 Themes 87 comments

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Sep 02 2006
No lokheed left way before this "incident".

Your down arrows are 4 tiny little blocks put into a configuration that you can not possibly copywrite! I hardly think its the mona lisa (using your words).

I am no "graphics artist" and just made the same arrow in about 5 mins.

You sir are a freaking cry baby, who has no clue about copywrites.

You say its people like me who get things started on gnome-look...look at all my posts and tell me Van disel if I made one smart ass, infammatory remark agaist anyone or any work here. What pissed me off is that you jumped on cimi for no reason but to be an ass...and I guess the guy is "laid back" enough to comply with your stupid demands. I would have told you to get lost. I can say that here. You know what I'm talking about. haha So go back to DA and make your gnome graphics and themes for window users. hahaha...thats the funny thing followers are window users and you attack gnome users.

Real smart.

I'm done with your antics-its not worth it.

next... - Mar 03 2006
That is my point as well!

You named the jpg lokheed and use it as your picture.

© Universal Pictures - All Rights Reserved

There is a dose of your on medicine as old people say. What, I take that back...maybe that copywrited by old people.

oh well... - Mar 02 2006

You say Creative Commons license?


No Derivative Works?
Share Alike?

I mean I like some of your work dude and sometimes follow it, but the fact is that most of the human population could give a shit less about your down arrows, etc. You say on Deviant that no one likes you...I wonder why? He did not alter your precious down arrows etc., he simply used them. In fact you use peoples work all the time...and modify there what? These gnome themes are used for a small minority of people who want a better gnome desktop. It appears to me that your just being an ass about it and you could have simply emailed him instead of trying to make him out to be the ass.

All he should have to do is license the theme GPL and the precious graphics CC.

Now would this make everyone sleep better at night?

For some reason this just pisses me off. - Mar 02 2006
Lokheed, is that a picture of you or someone else...? - Mar 02 2006
Very good work! Thank you for sharing!

This version seems "faster" than grey.

I really like the panel better.

Please continue sharing your work. - Mar 01 2006

GTK2 Themes 52 comments

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Feb 19 2006
Your theme looks perfect with SnowIsh (PNG).

This is a very good theme! I was just wondering about the X (close Window)-does it look a little "thin" compared to min. and max? Maybe its just my lcd monitor.

Anyway thanks!
swj - Feb 06 2006

GTK2 Themes 104 comments

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Aug 23 2006
Inspired from Vista or not...some may disagree but I never thought I would see the day that gnome look so damn good! Now this is quality work!

When you get the icon set complete (Please please) I will finally get to show gnome off to everyone.

Maybe when you have time, I think this would make things complete.

1. GDM and Splash

2. A complete vistabut icon set

3. Vistabut gaim icons (the default look bad)

* btw why the name Vistabut? I mean it has some Vista elements but it is still clearly gnome.

thanks - Dec 05 2005
Alphacube Metacity Theme

Metacity Themes 80 comments

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Dec 06 2005
Does the Condensed version need the maximize fix? (right-bottom-corner)


thanks!, - Dec 03 2005
Perfect (Perfezionare)

Thanks (Ringraziamenti)

swj - Dec 02 2005
I tested other gtk themes (i.e. blended with round corners) and the maximized behavior was correct.

Could you please tell me the section of code in your metacity that deals with bottom maximized state corners, so I might can compare the bottom left and bottom right, since the bottom left does indeed work correctly. :)

thanks! - Dec 02 2005
Yes I confirmed, by "installing" the themes (GTK,Metacity) again.

Maybe its Ubuntu breezy that I use?

Can anyone else confirm this behavior? - Dec 01 2005
I have a screenshot.

:) - Nov 30 2005
Its 84% and this theme is one of the best out there, if not the best!

1. Its fast! (I have tried them all)
2. Its looks modern!
3. Its not another mac clone!

Yes, I am sure he will continue to improve his themes, etc., nothing is perfect, but this is good stuff. - Nov 08 2005
Alphacube GTK Theme

GTK2 Themes 25 comments

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Nov 07 2005
Nothing critical but, I notice two little lines that will not go away while using notification on the panel.

* included screenshot.

thanks - Nov 30 2005
Alphacube GDM Themes

GDM Themes 32 comments

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Nov 16 2005
Do you plan on making an Alphacube splash (multiple colors and base) that matches the Alphacube GDM?

swj - Nov 16 2005
I use gnome; however, the foot does not mix well with my background. Is there anyway you could make a version without the foot (just white with trans) or at least tell me how to do it.

swj - Nov 07 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 192 comments

by saki
Score 74.3%
Dec 28 2008
I used this icon set last night (ubuntu)-it seems to have an "icy" look to it and I like it; however, it seems that it would make more sense to have a "icy" or light blue transparent color for the folder icon (or at least have an option for it). Yellow "windows" folders just does not mix well IMO. This is great work and this is only a suggestion.

Thanks, - Aug 15 2005
Graphite Greeter

GDM Themes 13 comments

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Aug 04 2005
I wonder if lockheed would consider adding this to his suite, so everything would be together.

just a thought :)
swj - Aug 04 2005
sorry, I was not able to test yet because I'm at work and just saw the screen shot. ;)

Nice change though to match the official splash! I will try it out as soon as I get home (late).

Thanks! - Aug 04 2005
Actually, should'nt the icons be below the "dotted" line?

;) - Aug 04 2005
Thanks for your work-is there anyway to make a version of this GDM more consistant with the official graphite suite splash (Gnome part and background)-icons look good.

see official splash @

thanks! - Aug 04 2005
MKK's GPERFECTION Splash Screen - 1

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 3 comments

by mkk
Score 50.0%
Jul 02 2005
Could you make a GDM to match?

Thanks! - Jun 21 2005