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S mint , Lebanon
Wallpapers Mint
Single Icon/Logo
Isadora Metal

Wallpapers Mint by MintPartizan 1 comment

Really fantastic !
i liked it so much!! - Jun 15 2010
Mint Se7en

Wallpapers Mint by johonunu 11 comments

i love it!its simple and you like to putting it on your desktop... - Mar 11 2010
Mint cat

Wallpapers Mint by m334 7 comments

Really clever!! - Mar 11 2010
Kde4.4 alternative

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Lemonade 10 comments

its Really great!!
never seen that nice! - Mar 05 2010
Linux Mint

Wallpapers Mint by mellowmaggots 1 comment

Very nice for a desktop! - Jan 20 2010
Wallpaper of the Month, November 2008

Wallpapers Mint by omns 4 comments

Did you picture that yourself, and made a blue and a green one :P!!
very nice anyway! - Dec 18 2009
My Dark Theme

Cinnamon Screenshots by keepmehandy 1 comment

nice and weird!!
thats why i like it! - Dec 16 2009
Barbie Mint Logo

Single Icon/Logo by gregology 1 comment

Put it in the mint logo, not in the mint Icons! - Dec 15 2009
mint logo concept revised

Single Icon/Logo by adamdmcbride 9 comments

Realy liked it!
its sooooo great!
and yes! wish it well be the next logo for Linux! - Dec 15 2009
Wallpaper Of The Month, August 2008

Wallpapers Mint by McLovin 2 comments

Its great, its like this wallpaper is in the emmy awards, and then they say:and the winner is"here they put the spot light"In the spotlight! and there...captured.
No i reeeaaaallllyyy like it,voted for you! - Dec 01 2009
Dec 15 2009
Linux Mint Goes Dark

Wallpapers Mint
by kensai111

Dec 10 2009
Minty Plantations

Wallpapers Mint
by CBindahouse

Dec 01 2009