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Icon Sub-Sets 76 comments

by saki
Score 50.0%
Nov 20 2005
I dont know what your smoking but you need to not take it to seriously.

Cario will anti-alias jaggled edges and they are already working on svg. It's nowhere near as bad as you make it out. - Sep 03 2005
Cario will address this, but the thing is SVG when you strech a icon on the desktop looks ok. Some jagged edges is a small price to pay, you even see this in PNG's sometimes.

Here is a example - Sep 02 2005
Strange, maybe you should ask the maker of Dropline Neu. When you angle icons in inkscape and export as PNG, they can be jagged anyway. - Aug 30 2005
I dont know what you mean about your comment about SVG format, Dropline Neu and other SVG icons sets look great. SVG support is great in gnome and you dont have to do different sizes with scaling issues. - Aug 29 2005
Superb! - Aug 29 2005

GTK2 Themes 42 comments

Score 50.0%
Aug 14 2005
Great nice and simple theme, I like this alot, fast as well. great job :-) - Aug 16 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 65 comments

Score 67.1%
Aug 03 2005
Yes maybe, If I get time i'll throw them in the extra directory. - Aug 04 2005
Thanks for that, my webspace is damn slow. - Aug 03 2005
Yes I know about it, that why I set it to 96 and 128 is to small in my view. - Aug 02 2005
It's not my server, just space I use. :-( - Aug 02 2005
Well thats why it's only version 0.5, but again there are icons sets here missing loads more even than my icons.

My icon set doesn't look huge at 96 since it've tested it on a machine running gnome 2.8@1024x768. Besides it's looks to small a higher resolutions, i.e 1280x1024 like it have.

Thanks for the comments. - Aug 02 2005
True but only one iconset has complete icons, it takes serious time to do. I hope to make this set one of the most complete.

There are icons sets that are high rated but lack even the most basic icons in gnome. Some are even broken so. - Aug 01 2005
Thanks for the comments, it's a big file but there are plenty of icons. - Aug 01 2005
Thanks, well I intend to make all the main icons of gnome in this theme. The icons are very good if you have a dock (i.e. gdesklets ) or a big gnome panel. - Aug 01 2005
Ok, I have a extra directory so I'll put non glass ball icons there. - Jul 31 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 44 comments

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Jul 21 2005
I tried it on my mums Mandriva 10.2 and it works fine. Try installing it manually in the .icon folder. - Jul 25 2005
Well I dont think the firefox icon works anyway, even on my system which is strange.

Thanks for the feedback anyway. - Jul 25 2005

The foots theme will be limited to core gnome rather than other application icons. It's more a say what you see theme, thats why there are foots :-) - Jul 12 2005
I have not done a open folder for that yet, the vistiting one is correct - Jul 11 2005
Yes the Computer icon is awful and I was never happy with it, the 0.5 release has a much better fitting one(see screenshot).

I have also addressed the icons sizes, see the readme and changes. - Jul 10 2005
Click on the download text :-) - Jul 08 2005
Thanks, i've got my webspace back so can now give the full icon set, rather than a striped down version :-)

Enjoy and much more to come. - Jul 07 2005
I'm waiting on some webspace I used to have but forgot the login details. Once that is sorted I will release 0.4 with many more icons. - Jul 06 2005
Yes I am aware of this, will make it smaller in the soon next release. - Jul 05 2005
Yes i've noticed that, I was doing some enhancing in Gimp and may take this route rather than straght export from Inkscape. - Jul 02 2005
Thankyou for the comments :-)

Looks like i'll have to find a place to host it, it's over 600kb at the moment. - Jul 01 2005
Thing is i'm just starting a new job tomorrow so I will not have so much time. The good news is it shoudn't take long to design a load more.

I will work on the main ones to get a usuable set to use for people, but I want to get the important mime types done as well as. - Jun 27 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 192 comments

by saki
Score 74.3%
Dec 28 2008

Just like to say your icons set is broken and you have nuoveXT_gnome_tar.gz when it should be nuoveXT_gnome.tar.gz.You need to recompress it with the correct name as said in your .index.

Nicey designed icons but the mimetypes are pritty much all the same, and some copys of Etiquette Icons.

I've had to mark it down for this. - Jul 20 2005
main menu button

Various Gnome Stuff 1 comment

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Jul 19 2005
Is the kmenu or Applications menu to hard to click? - Jul 20 2005