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Super Mike
Great Blue

Wallpaper Other by teen17 1 comment

Too grainy. Try again. - Jul 23 2006
Pixel Girl

GDM Themes by fabiand 23 comments

Of all the themes, this is the one my inner soul just connects with on so many levels. We need more themes like this. - Jul 12 2006
Communist Victory

GDM Themes by Potemkin 68 comments

OMG this is so wrong in so many ways that I am speechless. By the way, did you make that image by yourself or did you force a bunch of disinterested people to draw it for you for next to nothing in wages and no chance of promotion? - Jul 12 2006

GDM Themes by lebouquetin 1 comment

Yeah, I had a LandRover once. The Freelander was the best driving, best handling, tight around turns, mini-SUV I had ever driven. And I tried out several. I was amazed with the thing. When I got it from the lot, it had quality everywhere and was well-designed ergnomically.

Unfortunately, poor workmanship in the wiring, heating system, and poor gas mileage was what killed it for me. By the time I turned it in after two years, it had already spent over 45 days in the shop and still was spraying antifreeze in the interior when the heat was on, the back window would go down on its own and eventually just got stuck in the down position, and the gas mileage seemed to be getting worse. It was a lease and the dealership couldn't fix it for more than about 4-5 days before it broke again.

Darn thing. I loved it to pieces until it broke. It was very schitzo. Now I drive a Jeep Cherokee.

But I can tell the author of this image loves his LandRovers. - Jul 12 2006

GDM Themes by mexlug 41 comments

I don't have a problem with it. It's not like the front or top or anything. You can see this much at the beach these days almost anywhere in the world. And I don't think those in the Linux field should have to be stifled by the political correctness we see in the Microsoft sites.

It's also innovative photography in this case. This was not completely easy to pull off if you look at it carefully. It took a lot of work with a fast digital camera that had to have a super-high resolution. Note also that you don't see a single blur as the back of the skirt was flung up so rapidly that gravity had not yet pulled the soft, paper-thin silk or polyester back down.

It was inventive and fun. We should have more stuff like this.

Last, thank goodness my wife's rear looks like this. - Jul 12 2006
3D Ubuntu Main Menu Icon

Various Gnome Stuff by supermike 1 comment

I see people are using this now quite a bit, adding it in with their own start menus. That's good news. I'm glad to see it. Perhaps the default Ubuntu desktop may use this in the future to dress it up even more. - Jul 12 2006
Hopi Linux Main Menu

Various Gnome Stuff by supermike 4 comments

We're not talking primo material here. This was just so that my wife didn't have to look at something too outlandishly different than Winchunks. There's a weaning process here. It takes time with certain people. I only post this here so that no one else has to spend a lot of time doing it if they have like zero graphical skills. - Jun 24 2006