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brandon mcglumphy Linwood, United States of America
Various Gnome Stuff
Complete Vista Aero theme (automated)

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Mar 15 2010
I'll be transferring colleges in January and therefore will have no time to work on anything Linux related.

If someone would like to rewrite the script so that it actually works and email it to me, I'll upload it. - Dec 16 2009
Sorry everyone for not being around! I ditched Ubuntu for Windows 7 Beta back in January and havent thought a thing about this script.

Ive installed Ubuntu 9.10 to a virtual machine, so I'll get to work on fixing the script and possibly even a 7 theme.

For now, run the commands in the script individually. - Oct 07 2009
I havent maintained this for a while now, for the simple fact that I didnt have Ubuntu installed.

When the Win 7 Beta came out, I ditched Ubuntu to install the 7 Beta. I have 9.04 in a VM now, so I will resume working on this script.

Thanks to those who have been patient. Those that are still hating because it's Vista related know where to go. - Apr 30 2009
You must have changed the name of something. There isnt an "aero" directory. However, I did find a few minor errors. I'll be reupping with those fixed. - Nov 05 2008
It works on any distro that utilizes GNOME.

I personally use Ubuntu, so I know that all parts of this theme work on it.

I'm uploading a new revision in just a bit. I think the script is finally bugged out and I'll be adding one minor edition for the menu. - Nov 05 2008
Then why are you even here commenting on it? If you dont like it, dont use it. There are some of us that like the look and feel of Vista with the usability, portability, and power of Ubuntu.

Best of both worlds. Ubuntu technology with a Vista skin. :-) - Aug 03 2008
Could have sworn I took that bit out. Reuploading. - Mar 24 2008
Had a stupid moment and forgot to remove the "--message "Please input root password"" bit at the beginning that went with gksu. Remove that from the script and it should work fine.

HOPEFULLY. :-p - Mar 14 2008
I dont know what is preventing the script from installing correctly. I thought I had it fixed. :-/

I'll work on that now and release another update when I get it fixed. - Mar 09 2008
I removed anything that could potentially cause the script to fault, so it should work seamlessly now. - Feb 06 2008
Should be fixed now. Report on any problems to me.

- Jan 20 2008
Fixed - Jan 04 2008
I knew I forgot something. Fixing now. - Jan 04 2008
Looks like you either dont have sudo powers or dont have permission to edit your own home directory. Weird.

Try doing "sudo sh INSTALL"

- Jan 03 2008
I copied and edited the install process. Both will work under Ubuntu, but the Apt based version will work under distros that utilize Apt for package management.

I removed sudo from the script and replaced it with su root at the beginning.

- Dec 28 2007
Version 1.4 is up with some new additions. Hope you guys like it.

Im working on getting this submitted on my SourceForge account so that you wont have to deal with Rapidshare anymore. - Dec 27 2007
Only took me 4 tries. :-p

- Dec 25 2007
How does it violate GPL? There's a Credits file contained in the tarball, with links to the original themes.

- Dec 24 2007
Then you'll have to manually move the files yourself if you get a permissions error. Check the script for locations. - Dec 24 2007
GnoMenu - consolidated menu for gnome

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by Whise
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Aug 29 2011
Is there any way to reset the menu when it's closed out? This way, I can get back to the Accessories, Games, etc instead of having to hit Back to get where Im going. - Nov 18 2008
Vista reflection image

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Oct 26 2008
This is great. Would you mind if I added it to my Vista theme pack?

You'll be credited in the Credits if so. - Oct 27 2008
Vista Ultimate logon

GDM Themes 13 comments

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Apr 10 2008
Looks like someone is close-minded. ;-) - Aug 03 2008
Vista Start Menu for Gnome Panel

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Nov 23 2008
I keep getting a memory error when doing run-in-window, which crashes the menu.

Also, my menu is completely blank, as in white. No icons, nothing.

It used to work in earlier versions but now it doesnt. - May 18 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes 12 comments

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Mar 20 2008
It's one of the Aurora wallpapers. I found it with a quick Google search one time.

I like the look of Vista and I emulate it on my desktop. I like the glassy stuff and the blues.

Anyone who wants to ridicule me can bite me. - May 11 2008
HAL 9000: The eye of the machine

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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May 05 2008
I thought there was already a HAL9000 screenlet. Plus you spelled HAL wrong.

- May 04 2008
Conky [Only Now Playing]

Conky 6 comments

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May 04 2008
I like it. Computers a bit too slow to run Amarok AND Conky, so I'll use it when I get my laptop.

Thanks for spelling SRV's name correctly, too. :p - May 04 2008
Make DEB Package

Nautilus Scripts 12 comments

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Sep 29 2008
Is this similar to checkinstalling a package?

- Apr 27 2008
Ubuntu Hardy gfxboot

GRUB Themes 9 comments

by Pelo
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Apr 27 2008
How are we supposed to use this? I googled how to install a grub splash image and the guide I found uses xpm files, like the package grub-splashimages does.

Little help please? - Apr 26 2008

Metacity Themes 14 comments

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Apr 25 2008
Always do. ;-) - Apr 26 2008
I like it a lot. It achieves an Emerald type look without Emerald itself. I have a blue Emerald theme called Subvista and this looks like a black twin of it.

Do you mind if I use this in my Completely Vista Aero (automated) theme pack? Just search the name if you want to check it out. - Apr 25 2008

Wallpapers Ubuntu 16 comments

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Mar 27 2009
I guess you guys would absolutely hate me for my Vista theme then, eh.

- Apr 11 2008
BW2 Icons for Vista Menu Panel App

Various Gnome Stuff 1 comment

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Apr 01 2008
You can take a screenshot of the menu like this.

Open a terminal and enter "gnome-screenshot -d 20" then minimize the terminal and open the menu. Wait for the screenshot prompt to pop up.

The command makes the screenshot wait 20 seconds before taking the picture. That gives you enough time to get the menu open and you dont have to hit a button which makes it go away.

Hope this helps! :-) - Apr 08 2008

GDM Themes 6 comments

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Mar 28 2008
Holy crap!

*downloads* - Mar 28 2008
conky + screenlets + awn

AWN Themes 19 comments

by xeik
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Mar 24 2008
How did you get the album cover thing on the music player bit? - Mar 24 2008
To get the Ubuntu logo instead of the GNOME logo, install the OpenLogos font and then change the T in the config to a u. - Mar 24 2008

Conky 13 comments

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Jun 12 2010
Hate to do this after you've released the final, but I cant get the screenlet to move. It opens in the top left corner but doesnt budge. Am I missing something? - Mar 18 2008
Divinorum Cyan & Magenta

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

by fyda
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Apr 17 2008
Might want to note about the gtk murrine engine, in case some people dont have it installed. I was getting errors (Ubuntu) and had to install gtk-engine-murrine to get it to stop. - Mar 13 2008
Ecliz (port)

Cursors 52 comments

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May 11 2008
I knew something was amiss when I tried moving it several different places and it still didnt work, even after you posted suggestions.

Thanks for the revision. - Mar 11 2008
I extracted it to ~/.icons and /usr/share/icons but it doesnt appear in my Pointers. - Mar 09 2008

Compiz Themes 2 comments

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Mar 10 2008
I never thought Id get away from my Subvista theme, but this one really got me. Switching now. :-)
- Mar 10 2008
/dev/hda1: Mount It

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Mar 05 2008
Dusty hard drive. I have several of those. :-p
- Mar 05 2008
Gmail Screenlet

Conky 34 comments

by Whise
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Feb 22 2008
brandon@ubuntu:~/.screenlets/Gmail$ python
CachingBackend: Loading instances from cache
CachingBackend: Loading <Gmail1>
Found a running session of Gmail, adding new instance by service.
Error in org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.screenlets.Gmail was not provided by any .service files
Loading instances in: /home/brandon/.config/Screenlets/Gmail/default/
File: Gmail1.ini
Creating new instance:
Set options in GmailScreenlet
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 296, in <module>
File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/screenlets/", line 392, in create_session
File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/screenlets/", line 177, in start
if self.__load_instances():
File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/screenlets/", line 319, in __load_instances
self.__restore_options_from_backend(sl, self.path+filename)
File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/screenlets/", line 345, in __restore_options_from_backend
setattr(screenlet,, opt.on_import(opts[o]))
File "", line 81, in __setattr__
File "", line 95, in update
File "", line 113, in check
self.msa = self.k.decrypt(self.pas, "*")
File "/home/brandon/.screenlets/Gmail/", line 643, in decrypt
data = self.__key3.decrypt(data)
File "/home/brandon/.screenlets/Gmail/", line 510, in decrypt
return self.crypt(data, des.DECRYPT)
File "/home/brandon/.screenlets/Gmail/", line 407, in crypt
raise ValueError("Invalid data length, data must be a multiple of " + str(self.block_size) + " bytes\n.")
ValueError: Invalid data length, data must be a multiple of 8 bytes

Doesnt seem that anyone else has gotten this. - Feb 24 2008
Psychedelic Skydome (Animated)

Beryl/Emerald Themes 4 comments

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Feb 23 2008
Looks awesome but kinda hurts my eyes. Too many colors, almost like a bad trip. :-p

- Feb 23 2008
Linux Vista GDM

GDM Themes 2 comments

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Feb 15 2008
Thanks for fixing it, though I had already done it myself.
- Feb 15 2008

Wallpaper Other 12 comments

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Feb 14 2008
My Engineering class got a grant to build top of the line computers for around $600. We put Ubuntu on them but I made them look like Vista because we're selling to Windows users who know nothing about Linux.

In my opinion, it eases the transfer from Windows to Linux by giving them something familiar to latch on to. We provided instructions to remove the Vista theme if they wished to get the Ubuntu feel. - Feb 14 2008
TuxaGoshi Screenlet

Conky 9 comments

by Whise
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Feb 21 2008
I cant get this to work at all. I put it in ~/.screenlets/, like all of my other screenlets and launch it from the Screenlets manager, but it doesnt come up.

Any idea? - Jan 27 2008
Mahelus Black Guifications for Pidgin

Various Gnome Stuff 3 comments

by mepu
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Mar 14 2008
Is there any way I can add the black background to the buddylist without changing my IM windows or icons?

- Jan 20 2008
LED Clock Screenlet

Conky 7 comments

by ashy
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Dec 31 2007
I figured it out! Awesome screenlet! - Jan 05 2008
sugestions for 'Vista Start Menu ..."

Various Gnome Stuff 29 comments

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Mar 11 2008
I know that I made the Vista automated compilation mainly to easy the switch from Windows to Ubuntu for people. The Vista menu was the last thing that I needed to find and here it is. Excellent job so far, keep it coming.

- Jan 04 2008
Future File Management Mockup

Gnome Screenshots 5 comments

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Dec 05 2007
I would totally use this. Great job!

- Dec 27 2007