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Sundance Kid

Wallpaper Other by Kha0S 3 comments

There is something wrong with the image. When you download it, it is not very sharp and uses big pixels. However, on that link you provided you can find the same image with great quality! The image is very nice and artistic! Is that bridge bounded by barbed wire ? Where is this picture taken? Is it a war situation? - Jul 17 2002
Yellow Dog Linux Power'd

Wallpaper Other by ike6116 2 comments

Very nice work!! I like it a lot!! - Jul 17 2002
Hurricane Elena

Wallpaper Other by acrodizer 4 comments

Wow! That image is beautiful! - Jul 17 2002
Lake Superior Fog

Nature by JTinMSP 7 comments

Very nice photo! Beautiful scenery! - Jul 17 2002