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Apr 01 2008
It appears that the percentage of load on any of the CPU meters is affected by the update interval. In my opinion this should not be the case. The percentage of load should not be affected by the update interval, only be updated more frequently. If I set the update interval to 3 or more seconds, the meter stays mostly at 100%. Whereas, when I set the interval to 0.1 seconds, the load is shown as 0-10%. Setting the interval to 1 second appears to show a more correct percentage of load (around 40-50% with some CPU intensive things running for testing).

After digging a bit deeper I found the following line in the API source code:

#load = int(load / .update_interval)

I'm sure there's a good reason why this was disabled here, and I think perhaps it was not updated in the merely by accident. I changed the following line in and it appears to be working correctly, at any update interval.

self.load = int((self.new_cpu - self.old_cpu) / self.update_interval)
- Jan 12 2011

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Apr 24 2007
Yes, I'm sorry about that. That domain is currently down and I don't currently have access to the theme. I will post an update when I recover it. - Sep 30 2008
This is a good suggestion, and I have to say I have thought about this. However, this is not something you will see in the first release. There seems to be some issues related with doing that. It is on my list of things to think about for future releases. - Apr 24 2007
No problem. I'm thinking that the need for separate mask files will be removed in the first release of my fork of DeKorator. We'll see. Right now I'm working on loading up an XML based theme. I've already added support for images for inactive window borders and buttons, and spring like button groups. Stay tuned, the release shouldn't be far off. Thanks for your votes! - Apr 15 2007
Thanks for pointing that out. I believe if you remove your spacers it should look ok. Unfortunately, this seems to be a problem with deKorator when you set a background for the buttons. If that's not the case let me know. Otherwise, I'll keep this in mind, as I am in the process of developing a project as a fork from the deKorator source. - Apr 13 2007