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Daniel Felix near Kassel, Germany
windows 7 wallpaper

Wallpapers Windows by PaKoX 1 comment

Second Wallpaper is just a redirect to the Voting (It automatically vote the Wallpaper as good! - Pls remove!) - Jan 21 2010
Magic Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Syncoder 2 comments

i think it will be nicer without this text or another textstyle.... this text doesn't fit in the whole image. - Dec 09 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by pali 8 comments

Thank you. I just installed it and it's working perfect. :) - Dec 08 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by pali 8 comments


which dock do you use? how do you installed it? i only found some docks with nearly no functions, so i stopped my search. - Dec 05 2007
chirstmas spirit

Gnome Screenshots by Whise 2 comments

Hey there, is this "Clock" and the date dynamic or only a wallpaper? If it's dynamic... how do you do this?

By the way, where can i load this background u used? - Dec 05 2007

Wallpaper Other by taner 4 comments


you've made a very simple but nice Wallpaper! - Dec 05 2007
3 Pingus

Conky by michote 7 comments

Hey there,

you've done a great job. I like this new look. :)

Stormtorch - Dec 03 2007

GTK2 Themes by twigsby 74 comments


i took your windowframes from your theme to combine it with my custome theme at my ubuntu... they look very nice together . thank you =) - Nov 13 2007

Cliparts by sparkledesign 13 comments

Very nice. I love this little tux. ^^ - Nov 13 2007
Ubuntu/Win/OSX Dragon wallpapers

Wallpapers Ubuntu by P4man 17 comments


you've made a very cool Wallpaper. Not too overloaded and a smooth Design. Good Work! =)

Stormtorch - Nov 10 2007