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Anders Storhaug
Cairo Clock

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May 07 2012
Good work! Now that all themes are SVG, would you consider adding my themes into the default set? - May 22 2009

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May 18 2009
There was another small bug with the way the screenlets clickable area is determined- its line 250. The updated .py can be found here - May 13 2009
Just a note--

If you want users to be able to install the screenlet through the manager, you should package it with screenlets-packager. The screenlets-packager script should already be in your path if you have screenlets installed. You can run it with:

screenlets-packager <screenlet directory> - May 13 2009
I think this is a really cool idea for a screenlet- I've fixed a few minor bugs in it (right click, move) and removed the need for installing a font (by making SVGs out of the numbers).

-You (the author) can use this however you like - May 13 2009
CPUMeter Screenlet

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May 13 2009
All the above bugs should be fixed, except the gnome-system-monitor function. Remember that this screenlet now has little to no code from previous CPU_Meter screenlets. It would be very simple to add though, I'll add it in the next release. - Feb 24 2009
Sorry, I had I had uploaded the new version
It's now there - Feb 23 2009
Score 50.0%
Feb 18 2009
I have been working on several screenlets and I lost track of which ones I changed the code to and which ones I did not. I did run a diff and you are correct- I thought I had changed the alignment of several components that would make this theme unusable with the current screenlet. I'll edit it and post it as a theme. - Feb 18 2009