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Eugene Trotsan
USSR: Soviet Era

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Jan 20 2005
Sick man! After what we've been through in the Ukraine over the last 4 months, being a few steps away from going back to the quasi-communist regime - I have no pleasure in looking at this. Yuck!

TAK! - Jan 20 2005
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Dec 18 2004
The concept is good, but you need more contrast between the colors - not just shades, but the full spectrum, rainbow colors. At least that's what I would like to see...;)

Thanks! - Dec 20 2004
The orange ribbon supporting Ukraine ...

Karamba & Superkaramba 9 comments

by TokRa
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Nov 28 2004
- Nov 28 2004
You'll be pleased to know that nobody is forced to wear ORANGE ribbons in the Ukraine. If anyone is forced into doing something, it's the coalminers from Donetsk, trainfuls of whom are brought to Kyiv, resorted to sleep in carriages with no food or sanitary facilities and forced to support f...Yanukovich. Anyone who has been to an orange demonstration will tell you that people here are filled with joy, hope and compassion, even for pro-Yanukovich campaigners, some of whom are rarely seen in the centre talking to the Orange. I've just came back from one.
Before making claims, make an effort and show some interest and read or watch the news anywhere within +/- 40deg. from the equator. Here's to get you started - - Nov 28 2004