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Rasmus Larsson , Sweden
Matrix has you

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Feb 25 2002
Can one be an "old Matrix Fan" just three years after the first film (the post of the wallpaper)? :-D

Very nice wallpaper though! - Aug 08 2006

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Jul 30 2006
I love the icons, but is it really GPL? Looking at your site ( it doesn't seem that way. I don't mind a different license, but if it isn't GPL don't say it is. - Aug 04 2006

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Oct 29 2007
dbus, libdbus-qt and libdbus-glib were updated in the Debian testing repository
today (all to version 0.61-4) and now I have all the menus. Suspend to RAM works out of the box (except for the wifi NIC which I need to restart). Suspend to disk doesn't work but it says I'm lacking resume in the kernel config so I guess I need to do a bit of configuring. Looking good though, thank you!
- Mar 12 2006
Hi again. Switched to kpowersave out of curiosity and because suspend/hibernate was not working as it should under Klaptop. The problem I have now is that under kpowersave I have no menus except "help", which isn't very helpful in this case. Any idea what I'm missing/went wrong?

I seem to have the right modules loaded (e.g. screen dims automagically when I switch to battery).
- Mar 11 2006
Ok, thanks for the quick reply. I'll have to think about it a bit and study it a bit. Right now KLaptop seems to be working pretty ok. It has performance profiles, suspend/hibernate, screen brightness and some other things. I'll have to give it a bit more testing before I decide where to put my marbles.

I'm using Debian testing. - Mar 10 2006
What are the differences in respect to Klaptop? Advantages, disadvantages for example... - Mar 10 2006