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steven rowland Nicholasville, United States of America
thanks for pointing that out but i did follow instructions you have posted so if it gets updated from the package management ill have the icons in the directory you have listed its odd though i have 11.04 in my notebook and it worked like a charm now that im thinking about it i didnt do the log out and back in after i added the icons folder and dropped the icons in place. hmmm well hats off to ya dude and thanks sooo much. - Feb 20 2012
I had to install them in root/usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/icons log out and back in and they all took THANK YOU sooo much for that set of icons and the point in the direction to change them you have no idea how disappointed i was when they went to monochrome icons i hated them. i tried the directory that you was recommending and the icon folder was not there i made it and nothing happen im running oneiric kubuntu for others that try this open terminal do sudo dolphin and go to that directory i have listed and paste the icons in place "replace when prompted on what to do with duplicate file" - Feb 19 2012

Plasma Themes by bionegative 9 comments

very nice theme just one thing the pager was a bit flat i used gimp to make a new one that has a more rounded and shaded affect with highlight at the top still 5 star though really nice trancparency - Oct 06 2011