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Steve Hawkes Birmingham, United Kingdom
GTK2 Themes
Flynn-0.1 Beta (concept design)

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Mar 23 2011
Sorry to keep people waiting. I've posted a job to get help to finish this off quicker.

It will happen, but I want to launch it finished.

If anyone is interested in helping finish this for some cash, let me know. - Feb 14 2011

It's taken a while, but it's taking shape.

Does any one know how to remove the gradients on selected items and menu bars?

The other thing I'm trying to do is a add a single pixel border to the bottom of each menu bar and the outline of drop down menus.

I'll figure it out eventually, but any help would be cool. - Feb 05 2011
Everything! Can you help? - Jan 04 2011

For me the first step is to get the simple bits done and get the line art style and colors in, then I guess if it was pixmap driven anything is possible.

Happy to help with a 'glow' version after we've got the basic one nailed. - Jan 04 2011
Thanks, appreciate your kind words.

This will be my first theme, so I'm a total noob at the GTK theme mechanics. I've tried starting from scratch, and also mod'ing a similar theme.

What's the best way to collaborate through a theme build? - Jan 04 2011