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Joe Steiger
Mint Shell

Gnome Shell Themes by StevokNET 3 comments

Can you do that in purple (to match the purple of joesteiger(dot)com? Without Linux Mint branding? - May 28 2011
Gartoon Redux

Full Icon Themes by Tweenk 95 comments

you should add a Empathy gartoon icon now that Empathy is the default IM client in Karmic Koala - Nov 01 2009
Mosaico Karmico

Wallpaper Other by atorres33 5 comments

cool! - Oct 28 2009
Ultimate Edition 2.4 Proposed

GTK2 Themes by TheeMahn 10 comments

how come your themes take over my ubuntu? even if i am not using them, the login screen cursor uses the UE cursor. In compiz, it won't let me remove the UE skydome or unanimate it - Oct 27 2009
Mosaico Karmico

Wallpaper Other by atorres33 5 comments

it's a very nice wallpaper but karmic koala is 9.10 not 9.04 - Oct 27 2009
Complete Vista Aero theme (automated)

Various Gnome Stuff by Sunsparc 96 comments

Script Newby here. I have no idea how to use this theme. I only have regular themes...not emerald or metacity. HELP PLEASE. - Sep 29 2009
Ultimate Edition 2.0 Theme Pack

GTK2 Themes by TheeMahn 5 comments

Why can't this theme pack be downloaded anymore??? - Aug 11 2009
ultimate-edition-theme pack

GTK2 Themes by TheeMahn 15 comments

I don't have all the themes in one of your previews.

Some of the themes says requires gtk+ theme do i get those? Others say needs certain icon themes.

My human theme is gone too :( - Apr 11 2009