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Yakuake Skins 2 comments

by ovvv
Score 50.0%
Aug 15 2019
hi, I'm trying to make based on this idea a theme compatible with Manjaro KDE default Breath this skin I don't know how to get into Yakuake seems only blank borderless blurred transtarency window would appear without any buttons and on right click all menu would be available, this would be nice like FocusWriter but not maximized to whole screen area - Mar 02 2020

Various Plasma Theming 22 comments

Score 75.6%
Nov 01 2018
Yes, I haven't recognized that option earlier, it's at the bottom right corner...thanks - Dec 21 2018
It works in KDE Neon 5.14.4, the only difference with the picture above in description which I guess is from Manjaro distribution is that in Neon each window has a thin 1~2milimiters frame around while here on this picture from Manjaro only top panel is visible and no frame around (on sides and bottom). Can I fix or adjust it somehow in Neon?

update: I see other pictures from this description above and there're also those would be vast aestetic improvement to remove them, in Windows10 this frameless trick does great trick aestetically - Dec 21 2018