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philip staud

Wallpaper Other by PlayX 2 comments

great - where did you get the penguin?
this is really smart
I like it
.. - Jul 30 2004
Another Gnu World Order

Wallpaper Other by LapsuS 3 comments

link is broken .. pls fix :) - May 08 2004
Tux Gladiator

Wallpaper Other by LapsuS 5 comments

the link doesn't work ...
please fix it .. thx - May 01 2004
Morning Mist

Wallpaper Other by jb42 2 comments

great, but could u spell it right?
"I'm free by nature" .. hehe
but is the gpl free? hehe
i think it would be better:
"keep your ideas free" or something like that (cause in europe this patent on ideas is really fucked up .. they want 2 change it (it is everywhere told on this site))
would apreciate a version like this :)
thx - Apr 25 2004

Wallpaper Other by staudman 2 comments

couldn't get the real image, but in this gallery is it - Apr 24 2004
can't buy freedom

Wallpaper Other by staudman 2 comments

hehe .. jep .. did it myself ..
thx .. :)
it just came once in my mind .. hehe (lucky)
but actually I thought that I'm not the first who uses this slogan 4 linux..
cause it really fits to linux :) - Apr 23 2004