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Ryan Gandy Tennessee, United States of America
Aburod Terra

GDM Themes by nathanrich 15 comments

If you really think that there's no difference, I feel sorry for you. - Jan 25 2008
Aburod Terra

GDM Themes by nathanrich 15 comments

Interesting to know that you believe people who distribute their software under licensing are akin to those who murdered millions that they thought were genetically inferior.

- Jan 24 2008
nUbuntu GDM Logins

GDM Themes by Day 18 comments

Coolness. :D - Jan 24 2008
civilized and mature representative of the Linux community you are.

I'm a Star Wars fan, but come on, this is nothing other than filth disguised as art. - Jan 24 2008
KDE Revolution by masta64

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by masta64 3 comments

about Che Guevara:

1. He was a despotic terrorist murderer.
2. He presided over thousands of summary executions.
3. He was a racist.
4. He was a homophobe.
5. He helped bring Communism to Cuba.

None of those things need to be associated with KDE. - Jun 29 2007
Vista fail

Wallpaper Other by Fant0men 21 comments

Whatever. Believe what you want.

I wash my hands of this crap. - Jun 09 2007
Vista fail

Wallpaper Other by Fant0men 21 comments

I think everyone who has posted to this thread and had the honor of seeing your ranting knows the answer to that. ;) - Jun 08 2007
Vista fail

Wallpaper Other by Fant0men 21 comments

Son, I not only code software which can be used on Linux, I had a 4.0 GPA all through high school. I'm very educated, I stay in tune with politics and the world around me. I watch Fox News, MSNBC and read stuff that you couldn't make sense of.

Therefore, I'm smarter than you think I am and than you will ever be.

As to your second point, wrong. I've been using Linux since Red Hat 7.3, and am now multi booting this computer with Slackware and Gentoo. I use a FreeBSD computer as a webserver.

Can you say the same?

Thirdly, no. You don't make sense.

4, since when is gaming the worst anything ever? A lot of computer users spend their time gaming and don't want to spend 600 dollars to get a PS3. Compare that to 80 dollars to upgrade a graphics card (say, 256MB NVIDIA, which is decent enough to handle most games, plus 60ish to get a stick of 512MB RAM at CompUSA.)

You can bet that in around as much time as it takes to need to upgrade a computer to play the new games, video game consoles will be upgraded as well.

5. I never said Linux wasn't good enough to play games. If it wasn't, there wouldn't be games such as Cold War and Majesty. Nor would Id have released Doom and Quake frontends.

You ain't helping your case here, kid. - Jun 08 2007
Vista fail

Wallpaper Other by Fant0men 21 comments

ROFL oh God I'm so sorry but your second wallpaper is horse vomit, a ten year old could draw better than that. Hell, my pet husky can draw better than that.

The first one wasn't all that great either IMO.

I not only think you're a child trying to look cool (as owing to the usage of "phail" plus your comments toward Toby, who never said he'd rather use Windows, nor that he was "happy with the current situation.") but you're making the entire GNU/Linux community look horrible and unprofessional. As I've said in a few other statements to people, when you want to sell people an item (in this case Linux) or an idea, you concentrate on the positive aspects of YOUR work, rather than bringing down the work of others. Its not a feel-good platitude. Its a hard and fast fact in the business world.

Which is what the Linux community is when you really think of it, an extended business without one specific company logo or office.

You'll learn all that when you're older and have taken some basic classes in marketing.

For now, just know this. I trust Microsoft about as far as I can throw a lead piano. I think they are what Enron and WorldCom could have been if they didn't get caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar.

I'm not a fan of Windows, not a fan of Microsoft's current practices, and DEFINITELY, most DEFINITELY, not a fan of your wallpaper(s).

The three don't cancel each other out, you know.

Oh, and BTW, I use Windows for games that I can't play on Linux. On a HP computer that I - note this next word - BOUGHT. It came with the computer. It was not pirated.

So in your own juvenile intarweb slang, "gg k thx."

Get off GNOME-Look before you make Linux users look worse.

(PS: If you think I tore you a new one, just wait until you get your first job and piss off the manager!)
- May 29 2007
Sex Toy Linux

Wallpaper Other by AngelusNoctis 13 comments

Yes you are crazy. I've both worked with and known female Linux users personally.

But this ... wallpaper ... is really just, disgusting. - May 01 2007
I like it, except on mine - and I'm using transparent panels - the orange windeco kind of looks out of place with the rest of the theme. - Mar 30 2007
Firewall Builder

Security by vadim 12 comments

I love this! Works great on Slackware 11, and compilation was more or less flawless.

Great job. - Mar 16 2007
Reality Dream II.1

Wallpaper Other by azdruid 2 comments

I like it. Using it right now. :D - Mar 12 2007
BiohazarD Monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba by VemeC 23 comments

How come when I try to download this I get sent to What's going on? - Feb 01 2007
New York WTC Site @ night

Wallpaper Other by gianluca1985 3 comments

I like it. - Jan 27 2007
God is with us!

GDM Themes by romans1119 10 comments

I'll make a version with the words "You're going to burn in Hell" on it, does that count? - Jan 25 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by sirajr 613 comments

instead of kbfxdir/build. - Jan 23 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by sirajr 613 comments

two things to do with the makefile and that I noticed:

1) Top level build directory should probably be /usr instead of /build.

2) A file check for sudo should be added, since I run Ubuntu 6.10 and the su command seems to not work for me.

Other than that, nice job. Keep it up. - Jan 23 2007
Kubuntu Satanic Edition

KDM3 Themes by parker13 11 comments

"Fictional character"? . . .LOL!! You'll see. - Jan 20 2007

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by xactive 15 comments

I use that exact wallpaper for my KDE desktop (Grey-Blue Tech) with KDE Vista KBFX, Aquamarine, the Futurosoft icons and a gray color theme.

I think these would go pretty well with it. - Jan 20 2007
Kubuntu Satanic Edition

KDM3 Themes by parker13 11 comments

It isn't too late to renounce this. Jesus Christ never intended for one single human being to go to Hell. Hell is the dwelling place of Satan and his flunkies, but if yall keep this up - and if this isn't just some "ooh I wanna shock my parents so I'll join some scary cult" phase -- that's where you're headed.

The world might tolerate your activities but God won't.

Later! :D
- Jan 19 2007
Satanic Logo Black

Wallpaper Other by parker13 2 comments

"But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone; which is the second death." -- Revelation 21:8

If you love Satan so much I suggest you start getting used to heat. - Jan 19 2007
Open Girls

People by natagali 10 comments

1st one has a nice face. - Jan 11 2007
Ubuntu Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by ubuntuwallpapers 2 comments

Uh. Theme. My bad. - Jan 11 2007
Ubuntu Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by ubuntuwallpapers 2 comments

Not so bad if you have an orange GTK there. - Jan 11 2007
Ubuntu Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by ubuntuwallpapers 9 comments

I really hope artists could have a little more class in choosing what to slap an Ubuntu logo on. - Jan 11 2007
Pinup 1280x800 GDM theme

GDM Themes by andersenep1 9 comments

I agree with most of your statements, and don't think GNOME-Look is a good place for this material either, but the difference between you and me is I won't go calling everyone fuck tards about this.

Grow up.
- Jan 09 2007
We don\'t want your freedom

Wallpaper Other by Spr1gg4N 23 comments

But who makes the initial judgment that someone is a fool?

That's very subjective. - Nov 24 2006
We don\'t want your freedom

Wallpaper Other by Spr1gg4N 23 comments

I have no reason to believe any pollution exists, for many reasons. The most noticeable being, of course, that American media holds itself to a higher standard than most others. Do you remember the old Soviet Union? Under that, Pravda lived by only one rule: Truth is what the state wants it to be and nothing more.

We fought that sort of thing for years until Reagan came along and the Cold War ended.

Also, American media is composed of more than just one tightly controlled or state-owned TV station (as in Al-Jazeera pre-Afghanistan liberation.)

Many opinions circulate the country, even ones I don't like. For example, I think the US President is a great man and a good leader. The only real thing I have against him is that he hasn't followed his party's policy in certain areas.

I'm sure some here would disagree, but that's OK.

I would hope you don't consider the varied nature of American media to be the source of its "pollution", because imposing one view upon people is hardly the way to go - whatever that view may be. Don't consider solotitan to be a brainwashed guinea pig simply because he (this is the impression I'm getting, I hope!) can't stand people who commit random beheadings and fly planes into buildings in the name of a warped ideology.

$0.02 has now been given, insert comments/flames/harassment/fatwas of death where appropriate. Thank you.

- Nov 23 2006
We don\'t want your freedom

Wallpaper Other by Spr1gg4N 23 comments

sigh. . .this is the kind of ignorance that makes me wonder about some people.

If you'd rather go nuts with conspiracy theories, that's fine by me, but for the love of God at least take your meds. - Nov 22 2006
We don\'t want your freedom

Wallpaper Other by Spr1gg4N 23 comments

Whoever made this, please **** off. This is absolutely insulting and I am damn sure you don't speak for the majority of whatever country you're from.

As to that other guy who talked about "forcing your way of life" . . .etc, just what in the blue hell do you think Saddam was doing to his people?

Go live in China or North Korea if oppressive regimes are more to your liking. - Nov 21 2006