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Mar 01 2019
Hi Proux
We've just pushed an update to GitHub. You can download this by entering "git pull" from inside the StarLabsTheme folder. There's now a setup script which you run by typing:
It should walk you through it and pull the required files.
If you have any issues with that, please do let us know! - May 30 2019
From a terminal, if you run the below commands:
sudo apt purge starlabstheme
sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-shell-common
That should do the trick - Mar 01 2019
How did you install it, via the PPA or GitHub? - Mar 01 2019
Hey Suxj.
Sure, so you installed the theme and can't see "StarLabs" from the session list?
What distro are you using? - Mar 01 2019
Star Labs Plymouth Theme

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Jan 09 2019
Just realised the "server edition" which explains the why. Your comment will be good here for the future, I don't want to add any generic instructions for editing grub config on a server - that's a dangerous game. Thank you :) - Mar 27 2019
Hey ruby-terminator, You must have another plymouth theme install that uses a higher priority than 150. We'll do some testing and come up with a good solution for this.

Glad you like it :) - Mar 25 2019

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Mar 01 2019
If you run:
sudo rm -r /usr/share/icons/StarLabs
Then run the install again.

Can I ask, did you have one of our themes installed before? - Mar 01 2019
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Feb 26 2019
+ - Feb 27 2019
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9   Feb 27 2019