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adam lucas Withheld, United States of America
TechniX kami modified

GTK2 Themes by marcomurakami 2 comments

it's nice, but where are those red icons ? - Oct 11 2008
Shiftie 2

GTK2 Themes by lassekongo83 8 comments

is that skyos you're running? - Oct 11 2008
Darker Ice

GTK2 Themes by sabrebutt 61 comments

you have to extract the *.gz package. then look into the folder you extracted and you'll see another *.gz package, that's the actual theme package. - Sep 06 2008
A.I. CORE (Black)

GTK2 Themes by samphilomath 13 comments

could you link me to the icons used in the screebies ? they look awesome. - Sep 06 2008
i have a couple of questions:
1. how did you get that panel on the right ?
2. how can i get my ubuntu to look like that when i browse my files.
3.(not a question) THIS LOOKS AWESOME. - Sep 05 2008
Dark Sky Suite

GTK2 Themes by canistra 6 comments

where'd you get the background image, link me ? - Jun 08 2008
sorry, it just looks spanish to me. i didn't mean to offend anyone. - Jun 05 2008
same here, link's broken, takes me to some spanish page that says "file not found" or something - Jun 04 2008
LiNsta is Not Vista ;-)

Gnome Screenshots by sintagm 5 comments

so this is a screenshot NOT A THEME... ? - Jun 04 2008

Wallpaper Other by fasz 1 comment

you forgot the RED!!! - Jun 04 2008
where'd you get that icon set ?
(message me the link, please) - Jun 03 2008
mary ann's elegant file icons

Icon Sub-Sets by servechilled 17 comments

beautiful presentation - Jun 03 2008
dude, this thing is broken, could the owner fix this ? - May 05 2008