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Adam Stapenell Philly, USA
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Dec 21 2009
It's very faint I believe. I can play with that to make it more visible. - Dec 13 2009
I dont know why that is. I just tried it and it works ok.

Try this link instead: - Dec 09 2009
Humanity Weather Icons

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Feb 01 2010
Thanks for your time & energy in creating these icons. - Dec 07 2009

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Nov 27 2009
By the way, the program that handles ".7z" files is "7Zip." It is a decent archiver/unpacker that handles a wide range of archive formats.

It's open source and can be found in the Ubuntu Software Center or at - Nov 27 2009
Hey Karmicblaster,

Thanks for the appreciation!

I made the Blumanity icon theme only because of my selfish desire to ditch the orange grossness that came default with Karmic. I decided to share what I was doing with the community so that anyone who felt the way I did could benefit from the work that I would have done exclusively for myself.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time or desire to make a red Humanity theme for anyone. I am not interested, personally, in the look, and don't have the time/energy to start a whole new color modification that I would never use.

I will help you out a little if you wanted to modify mine except with a red theme. I suggest these colors as the ones that you use in the theme based upon the red Humanity theme that I found on gnome-look:

e10403ff - very light
b40302ff - light
730302ff - medium
4c0302ff - dark

I did think of a name for the red theme too. If I were to make it, I would call it "Rougemanity." Just a suggestion/pun.

Thanks - Nov 27 2009
tis done. - Nov 09 2009