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Wade Grant Surf City, CA, United States of America
Screenshot Slackware64 14.0/Openbox

Gnome Screenshots by SqdnGuns 3 comments

Thank you.

Here is the conky, I have modified the one I use to suit my needs. - Nov 30 2012
KDE 4.2 on Slackware 12.2

KDE Plasma Screenshots by romuloslack 3 comments

Voted good because you're a Slacker and your girlfriend is smoking hot! - Jan 28 2009
Win7 menu button

GnoMenu Skins by algalord 18 comments

For *buntu, yes. The way they keep pumping out updates for the *buntu's. you would thing Shuttleworth and Gates are one in the same. - Jan 22 2009

Wallpaper Other by programserve 3 comments

Stay away from the Kool-Aid........ - Jan 20 2009

GTK2 Themes by naaamo2004 9 comments

Sorry, I totally missed that.......... - Jan 17 2009

GTK2 Themes by naaamo2004 9 comments

Looks pretty much like this original work:

Orange Door Hinge - Jan 16 2009
Diffuse reflection

GTK2 Themes by SpikeyB 17 comments

Nice and original........... - Jan 14 2009
My Desktop

Various Gnome Stuff by dmindebian 2 comments

to screenshots category. - Jan 09 2009

Wallpaper Other by voycieck 4 comments

^^^^^^^^ - Jan 04 2009

GTK2 Themes by zniavre 52 comments

Plenty of wood wallpapers there...... - Jan 02 2009

GTK2 Themes by kevind23 4 comments

Clean - Jan 02 2009

GDM Themes by jalik 4 comments

Thanks for the Changelog, wished more 'tards would use one, eg., Mashup Peter Puffer - Dec 31 2008
Intuition (white) for Fluxbox

Fluxbox Themes by r0bin 2 comments

......but it can be a bit to bright. Regardless, thumbs up from me. - Dec 29 2008

Openbox Themes by KMandla 3 comments

Added as a Fan.....your two pieces of work are really smooth and clean!! The way a desktop should be. - Dec 29 2008

Openbox Themes by KMandla 2 comments

Nice and clean.......

Going to hack it for my Fluxbox.

Thanks for the kuler link too......some really good looking color themes there. - Dec 29 2008

Fluxbox Themes by pommes 2 comments

Good To Go! - Dec 27 2008

Fluxbox Themes by enef 2 comments

Great......thumbs up! - Dec 27 2008

Wallpapers Windows by the-dark-avenger 5 comments

As a longtime Slacker, this makes me cringe. Looks like something an (K)(X)Ubuntu user would do....... - Dec 23 2008
Murrina Redmond

GTK2 Themes by paraboy 34 comments

"Oh no, not another friggin M$ looking theme."

It actually looks good though. Thumbs up. - Dec 17 2008

Wallpaper Other by Eureka 2 comments

Kinda looks like a Firefox logo. - Dec 16 2008

GTK2 Themes by SpikeyB 7 comments

Clean and smooth........thumbs up. - Dec 11 2008
Wood Theme

GTK2 Themes by kdhedger 4 comments

I love wood themes and you obviously put some work into this one. I just think it has a "cartoonish" feel to it.

Keep plugging away at it though, check out some of the wood textures on deviantART for some more ideas.

No "good" or "bad" vote for now...... - Dec 11 2008
ubuntu knight

Wallpapers Ubuntu by aktarus 7 comments

I think Deviant Art is a better option.

The rate it's going here they will have to change the name of the site to - Dec 11 2008

Openbox Themes by buddho 1 comment

Has a lot of potential. It is appealing but I can't really put my finger on what is missing.

Keep plugging away at it.

Thumbs Up - Dec 09 2008

GTK2 Themes by escortgoj 50 comments

Has there been a change or is it just a *bump*?

You have no changelog in the description at all. - Dec 09 2008
Hunny LUX

GTK2 Themes by liquidgik 30 comments

Your previous version was MUCH better.... - Dec 08 2008
Murrine Sky

GTK2 Themes by alessiofachechi 11 comments

....of the other two colors please. - Dec 04 2008
The End is Nigh

Wallpaper Other by PKemrin 4 comments

I wouldn't use it but it does look good........and not Ubombtu related!! - Dec 04 2008
Bamboo Tux

Wallpaper Other by spookymulder 1 comment

Looks nice, you have a link for the bamboo wallpaper you used?

Thanks! - Dec 03 2008
Here's the comment you requested from the "Improved Voting Group".

Voted Good because of the time you put into this and the shitload of downloads and no other comments.

I have no need for the tutorials as I use Fluxbox and you cannot use Compiz with it. Why would you want to use Compiz for Fluxbox anyways, defeats the purpose of it. - Dec 01 2008
Brown style

Wallpaper Other by sidero 16 comments

Please, no more Ubombtu......this site is full of Ubombtu fanboy work. - Nov 30 2008

Wallpaper Other by dragonauta 7 comments

Gracias...... - Nov 26 2008

Wallpaper Other by dragonauta 7 comments

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ - Nov 26 2008

GTK2 Themes by nferenc 6 comments

Clean and simple is good...... - Nov 26 2008
What's been updated...?

This always shows up on the frontpage everyday as updated...... - Nov 25 2008
Slackware Conky

Conky by SqdnGuns 3 comments

Install what? Conky or the config? - Nov 24 2008

Full Icon Themes by Scnd101 48 comments

Nice, simple and clean. The way I like it. - Nov 24 2008
Hunny LUX

GTK2 Themes by liquidgik 30 comments

Looks great, I have been looking for something similar to this and this will work for now. I may tweak it myself, not too much of a fan of Ubombtu. - Nov 21 2008
Slack off

GDM Themes by solarfields 3 comments - Jan 01 2006
Elegant for Rent

GTK2 Themes
by rent0n

Jan 26 2009
Minimum Suite

GTK2 Themes
by thibaut28

Jan 15 2009

Openbox Themes
by KMandla

Dec 29 2008

Openbox Themes
by KMandla

Dec 29 2008

Fluxbox Themes
by pommes

Dec 27 2008

Fluxbox Themes
by enef

Dec 27 2008

Fluxbox Themes
by alsvartr

Dec 25 2008
Tin black

Fluxbox Themes
by endel

Dec 25 2008
Hunny Classic

GTK2 Themes
by liquidgik

Dec 25 2008