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Elmo Nielsen Karlsruhe, Germany, Bulgaria
Plasma Color Schemes
Mac-like gray

Plasma Color Schemes 7 comments

by spupy
Score 71.7%
Jun 03 2011
It is the default wallpaper for Gnome 3.
Search google for "gnome 3 wallpaper" and it will be the first result. - Jun 03 2011
Sadly this icon set does not have replacements for all icons - as you can see some icons are still from the default KDE icon theme - Jun 03 2011
Elegant Brit

GTK2 Themes 283 comments

Score 78.3%
Mar 16 2008
For Fluxbox users, Elegant Brit goes well with the theme called "Deviant Blue" by PhrAok.

Also, does anyone know how to set text color in a pixmap engine? I made a simple mod of this theme with the toolbars black as the menubars, but any text on a toolbar is black and unreadable. - Oct 03 2008
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes 347 comments

Score 74.0%
Jan 03 2009
I really like this theme, but one thing keeps me wondering. The combo box widget have a transparent background, while text fields and buttons take the color from their parent. Unfortunately, this doesn't always look good, even in gtk, and in Firefox3 looks awful. Is it possible for all widgets to have a transparent background. So you can see the parent widget instead of an ugly gray box around the widget. - May 22 2008
Yeah, perhaps I should have fixed the gtkrc file. But I already changed the source, it looks OK now on my screen. :) - Apr 21 2008
After I noticed that this theme supports animation, I recompiled it with animations enabled. The progress bars are animated all right, but unfortunately look ugly. The "filled" part of the bar (that is animated) is wider than the "empty" part of the bar. Actually it is exactly one pixel taller. I will try to fix it in my copy of the source. Strange, there is no problem with ubuntu gtk version 2.12.10 (i think), but on gentoo with gtk 2.12.9!

Anyway, my fav theme! Been using it for some months now! :) - Apr 19 2008