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Jan 28 2008
Heres another screenshot showing some windows. - Jun 10 2008
Thanks for the reply.

I did as your suggested, and moved the theme folder from /home/user/.themes to /usr/share/gdm/themes, but now I lost the backgrounds to the panel bar, context menus, and windows. However, the buttons appear, but not in the windows as I originally had a problem with. I rebooted the PC after moving the folder, and switched to other themes and back, but still have same problem.

A posted a screenshot of how it appears after moving the theme folder.

Any suggestions? - Jun 10 2008
Thank you for this absolutely gorgeous theme. Its everything I want in a theme. Your creativity is brilliant!

I do have a problem. I think your theme might be incompatible with Ubuntu Hardy Heron, which is the distro I'm currently using. The problem I'm having, is some of the buttons on the windows do not appear, I linked a screenshot below.

I read in a prior post that the pixmap engine is required, however, I also read on the ubuntu forums that the pixmap engine has be suspended for Hardy Heron.

Can that be the problem? Thanks for any help. - Jun 05 2008