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cause we spitfire izmir, Turkey

Bootsplash Various by captainnico 8 comments

Also when i try to install theme in KControl -> Appearance -> Splash Screen it gives the error "Couldn't load theme configuration file" - Nov 01 2008

Bootsplash Various by captainnico 8 comments

it looks great but Ark gives error and doesn't extract gzip archive. is it something wrong with me?
i'm running openSuSe 11 with KDE 3.5.9 - Nov 01 2008
A Rainy Day in Istanbul

Wallpaper Other by kobzeci 2 comments

Very good work.Keep them's very nice to see contributors from Turkey. i'm planning to send some work too ;)
By the way the name written on the ground is my real name "Ozgun" :) :)

- Oct 23 2008

Wallpaper Other by taner 14 comments

Just suits my desktop. Thanks a lot ;) - Sep 22 2008
Obsidian Cursors

Cursors by ECHM 35 comments

Just suits my theme. Great work !!! - Sep 21 2008