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simone cavalcanti s.angelo lodigiano, Italy
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Jul 21 2008
Today I have added a little news... More info (in English) are on this page:

For me it's fantastic! :D - Jul 21 2008
I have changed applications game icon and I edited some icons... The new version is found just on official site (

In the future I will add all icons in 22x22 folder beacose now the gnome-panel is heavy , but after the summer :)

You always write your ideas e suggestions! :D

Happy holidays to all!!! :D - Jun 30 2008
mah... I don't know wich icons to use for firefox...
but probably the first...

and for folder icons ok, two test...
the first is best, I like it :D

ah! thank's for compliments... ;) - May 25 2008
mmmh... I have also other ideas for firefox icon, probably I'll use Browser, for his assonance width "browser"...

For the folders... boooo!

For other info:,190319.0.html - May 23 2008
Your idea is very good, but is difficult....
I have prepared some tests...
Some recommendation? - May 20 2008
in these hours i have updated some icons sound, i have rewrote index.theme file which was wrong and i added, thanks to tizio, the icon folder of awn. i have also changed the icon of gnome menu, now there is mario :D

- May 11 2008
first test...
is good? it like me :D - May 10 2008
mmh... To use the green beanstock for folder icon of awn? I try...

Ah! I have found the solution ;) - May 10 2008
Is possible to change that icon (if I have understand which say), but I'm not able... I'll find the solution ;)

But I don't understand which sprite you would who I use... - May 10 2008
Actually doesn't use only 8bit sprites...
But the original name was 8BitMarioGame ;)
The sprites are available all editions until Super Mario World (SNES, 16 bit)

I'll test the compatibility with GNOME 2.22, I use 2.20 ;)

Thanks to everyone for the compliments!

Excuse me for my English, I'm Italian :) - May 09 2008