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Crystal Monitor

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I got old fashion Celeron 2.8 Ghz on Asus P4PE motherboard.
Currently CM9 displays always 1.C on CPU Temp field.

I've tried to do some testing in terminal:
sensors | grep Core0| cut -f2 -d+ | cut -c -6
display nothing
sensors | grep "CPU Temp"
CPU Temp (Intel): +44.0°C (high = +100.0°C, hyst = +90.0°C)
CPU Temp (AMD): +25.0°C (high = +80.0°C, hyst = +75.0°C)

When I modify command to
sensors | grep "CPU Temp (Intel)"| cut -f2 -d+ | cut -c -7
I got

I've tried to modify the whole crystal.theme according to instructions on previous comments, but when I do that, CPU Temp is blank :-(
Modified Command on crystal.theme is
sensors | grep "CPU Temp (Intel)"| cut -f2 -d+ | cut -c -3| sed 's/.$/°C,/g' | sed -e :a -e '$!N;s/\n/ /;ta' -e 'P;D' | sed -e 's/,$//'
When I type it in terminal, it displays 47°C , but CM9 not.
What am I doing wrong? - Jan 14 2009