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Brian Brian Beck
KDE Logo - Inkscape vector

Cliparts by silince 2 comments

Is this a new KDE Logo, because it looks like the one available here... - Mar 18 2006
KDE Asciiquarium

Screensavers by pynm0001 25 comments

I just wanted to say that I appreciate this screensaver for two reasons...

1. It's cool. How could ascii fish not be cool.
2. It was easy to build. Thanks for looking out for those of us that routinely botch compile-it-yourself installs.

P.S. I think that one of the messages may be incorrect during installation...

`make' to build aa.kss, and
`make install' to install aa.kss.

ought to read...
'make' to build asciiquarium.kss and
'makde install' to install asciiquarium.kss.

Thanks again. - Sep 17 2005

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

Um, in order for it to be a science the people in the field must use the scientific method to derive knowledge. By your definition anything studied for a long time is a science. Just because it's an old area of study doesn't make it a science, the use of the scientific method does.

Move it to a sensible category that way people that are looking for a Bible study tool can find it easier.

Cheers. - May 29 2005
Too Much Green

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by amiroff 9 comments

I really like this splash screen, very polished looking. Keep up the great work. - Feb 27 2005
darkdays23 screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by darkdays23 3 comments

I was wondering how did you get your wallpaper to appear in the pager applet? That feature is awesome, but I have no idea how to turn it on. - Jan 10 2005