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GTK2 Themes by MadMax2000 135 comments

Besides of DarkRoom which is new inside of 8.10 Ubuntu now and looks good (as one of the first ones...) Nimbus really beats nearly everything seen before!
The first time i've seen nimbus (in OpenSolaris itself) i just was out of words!

This look beats the Mac Leopard original theme and the windows xp and vista theme!

For me Nimbus is one of the most impressive and most pretty themes on earth for desktop environments !!!

I really hope Ubuntu will include nimbus as official one (just inside the repos) soon and supports it! Next to all other available nimbus really is a very pretty and detailed high res theme looking very well designed without visible ugly pixels.

I really would like to have nimbus theme and icon set inside the official repo so that it auto updates automatically and stays included :-)

And by that many thanks for your compiling dude!

Since i finally found this theme for ubuntu i won't take any other anymore!
It's my main theme from now on until i see something beating this which i don't believe will ever happen. - Dec 14 2008
mac4lin theme

GTK2 Themes by seukumeama 9 comments

[ FAQ ]

question: the buttons for the window border being on the left,
is that a theme thing or can that be configured somewhere?

Answer: ( original tutorial by -fissy. )

using the "run program" action or a terminal, start gconf by typing:


and hitting enter.

This program is a bit like the registry editor for windows.

In the tree on the left you need to go to /apps/metacity/general/

There is then a key in the right pane called "button_layout"

edit this key so that it reads:



enjoy! - Nov 25 2008
Pink Mac OS-X Aero

Compiz Themes by KorYi 23 comments

I really really hope so :D - Jul 09 2008
Pink Mac OS-X Aero

Compiz Themes by KorYi 23 comments

But please think about emerald support cause emerald will be closed and there comes a new project called jasper. Then your cute theme won't run anymore maybe :( - Jul 09 2008
Pink Mac OS-X Aero

Compiz Themes by KorYi 23 comments

Okay but it's very usable for these NetBooks like "eeePC" with linux for little girls to start with an nice desktop and look to have fun and making first experiences with :) - Jul 09 2008
Pink Mac OS-X Aero

Compiz Themes by KorYi 23 comments

It's so cute hehe ^.^ I think it's made for girls to use Ubuntu without a stupid standard desktop design this one is much more attractive then :P - Jul 08 2008

by roog

Apr 01 2012
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GTK2 Themes
by tiheum

May 18 2010