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Stefaan Lippens
service menu management to kcontrol

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 32 comments

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Sep 17 2006
Sorry for the misinterpretation of your reaction.

I guess I'd better aim my remarks at the KIM-developpers then? - Apr 07 2006
It's sad you take my comment that way, I have no intent to childishly mock/troll or attack you personally.
I was only commenting on the concept of service menus and how I thought they could be presented to the user in a less cluttered and more flexible way.
Maybe I'll post it as a KDE improvement or KDE4 Brainstorm entry on kde-look, if I find the time. - Apr 07 2006
I think your idea for a kcontrol module for administering service menu is nice, but the screenshots (especially the second one) made me horror. Service menus seem nice but I think they lead easily to too much clutter.

The second screenshot for example shows 4 Kim entries on the second menu level (under "actions") and 14 (!) entries on the third level. Furthermore you have a "Compress" menu on the first menu level and tar and zip options in the second menu level. This is clearly the wrong way to go from a usability point of vieuw.

IMHO it would be better to prune the service menu tree and offer just entries for general actions (like "image processing", "compression", "audio conversion", "uploading"). These actions would invoke a *lightweight* dialog box/frontend to the possible actions the users would want ot perform: resizing, cropping, fileformat, jpgquality, target url, ...
This would also be more flexible, because the user is not forced to use predefined settings and combinations (sizes, quality).
Of course some predefined settings/templates would be nice so you don't have to click to much (that's the point of service menus after all). - Apr 06 2006
kubuntu on the wall

Wallpapers Kubuntu 3 comments

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Feb 27 2006
Thank you for your comment!

But I'm not sure it's a good candidate for a *default* wallpaper. It has rather high contrast and default wallpapers should be more easy on the eyes. Maybe I could make another version where the "Kubuntu" takes less screen estate. - Apr 06 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba 38 comments

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Mar 03 2006
That's what I tried in TopMon:
My approach seems to have some problems with shared memory and percentages not adding up to 100%.
I think karamTop can inherently do a better job. - Nov 04 2005
System Notification and Usabililty in KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 13 comments

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Jul 23 2005
Personaly, I hate the pop up system notifications in windows XP.
They get in your way when you don't need them
(mainly at startup, when you just want to get something done)
and you can't access or regenerate them when you need them and they're gone
(e.g. when you have some time to fix something).

Also chech law 8 of the Laws of Interface Design
by Jason Spisak at
(the other laws are interesting too).

Another reason why I think copying the windows way
of messing with the user/computer is a bad idea:
important system notifications are meant for the root user,
while the regular linux/kde user is (should be) non root. - Jul 24 2005
Baby Tux and GNU on Black Grub Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 2 comments

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Jul 19 2005
If you want to be a nice GPL user:
the original author of the wallpaper is nicolasrougier,
see - Jul 19 2005
Rolling Olive (6 color schemes)

Amarok Themes 6 comments

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Jul 29 2005
I hope version 0.2 eliminate your remarks.

Thanks for the feedback. I don't use lyrics often, so I didn't notice. - Jul 11 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 4 comments

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Apr 15 2005
where can I find the wallpaper you used in the sceenshot? thanks - Apr 17 2005
Green Cubes

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

by f00f
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Mar 25 2005
Very nice. I like that. Long live blender. I hope one day I will find the time to learn working with yafray so I can produce that level of renders myself.
(I'm a former povray user, but I neglected it since my migration to linux).

cheers - Mar 25 2005
TopMon (now with amarok panel)

Karamba & Superkaramba 10 comments

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Mar 25 2005
Thanks. But I don't understand totaly what you mean.
If you only want the fonts bigger, you can do it yourself: look for "fontsize" in of topmon.theme and (for bigger fontsizes you should also lower numberOfLines in
If you want the whole widget bigger, I'm afraid I have to disappoint you: I don't think I will find time to do that. I've spent already more time on topmon than my girlfriend could bear ;). Sorry - Mar 25 2005
Its a problem with top: for each process I get total memory footprint (including shared memory), so by summing that you count the shared memory double/triple/...
I don't know how to fix it. - Mar 25 2005
That's weird. Topmon is refresh-wise just like other monitoring karamba's. The only difference is that every 10 seconds it also runs and parses "top". That shouldn't kick your cpu usage to 50%, I presume.
How long did you let it run (maybe it was just a startup thing)? What happens if you run top on the commandline in non interactive mode like in my karamba theme: "top -b -n1"? - Mar 14 2005
no problem at all for sending me another "skin". (stefaan.lippens (at) gmail com)
I'm also working on a more simple/flat look. - Mar 05 2005
Théo Stars

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Feb 20 2005
Nice but I would use less gradients. The beak and feet look like burning to me. - Feb 21 2005
KDE-Look t-shirt - K TuX

Various Artwork 5 comments

by croky
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Jan 21 2005
The pinguin is realy nice (based on the gentoo one?) but I have a couple of remarks to make, you asked for it :)
  • The KDE gear looks more like an underwater mine than a gear to me. I would make the inner circle bigger
  • I think you should find a better font for the "K" in the gear, it looks a bit, how should I say it, boring IMHO. Try a (sans serif) font with a "K" that is't symmetric vertically.
  • Don't use those scanlines in the "K", they will look ugly when printed on a t-shirt (interference with the fabric), I think
  • I would use miter joins instead of bevel joins for the outlines of "kdelook"
  • is there a reason why the "KDE-L" are upper case and the "" lower case?
I hope this can hel you ;) - Jan 19 2005
Baby GNU & Baby Tux

Wallpaper Other 16 comments

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Jan 11 2005
amazing! How did you model them? You're apparently a povray user (like me a time ago). But Gnu's head looks to complicated to code that by hand. Did you use moray or something? How are they in profile and in isometric view?

And why did you overoad it with that many text? I'd like a more clean wallpaper.

enough questions, keep up the good work - Jan 11 2005

Wallpaper Other 9 comments

by deep
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Nov 09 2004
Why did you give the penguin such a timide /scared look. Shouldn't we strive for a more positive and dynamic image of gnu/linux/foss?

and I think the reflection of the word "linux" on the right is not right ;-) since the mirroring floor isn't horizontal? - Nov 09 2004

Icon Sub-Sets 45 comments

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Nov 01 2004
Very nice icon set. Keep up that nice work. - Oct 28 2004
msstyle loader prototype

KDE 3.5 Themes 29 comments

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Aug 30 2004
and why did I wrote "but" with two t's? - Aug 26 2004
look very nice
why is checkbox2 of the second style checked? (and radiobutton2 instead of radiobutton1) - Aug 26 2004
Flying penguins

Wallpaper Other 15 comments

by nisse
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May 03 2004
I like the colors and compositions very much. But could you make a textless version too?
Or at least a distro independent version?

keep up that nice work - May 03 2004

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Apr 01 2004
Why do you use the ultra-MS-font Comic Sans for an anti MS wallpaper?

PS: Even outside the anti MS battle I dislike the unappropriate use of comic sans (IMHO using comic sans is _always_ unappropriate). For more info see - Apr 01 2004
Metal bubbles

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Feb 04 2004
very nice.
from another povray lover

How did you manage the focal blur? With the build-in functionality or by postprocessing in gimp? - Feb 04 2004
indian oil

Various Artwork 8 comments

by kwiat
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Jan 25 2004
I agree - Jan 23 2004
Conference Logo

Various Artwork 8 comments

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Jan 18 2004
It think the theet of the gear need a little more finetuning.
They aren't symmetrically positioned and the linesegments of the 'head' (I don't know if thats the right expression, but you'll get the picture) of the theet at 3 and 6 o'clock aren't straight. - Jan 18 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 4 comments

by ulin
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Jan 03 2004
nice but tux seems a bit blurred. that's due to resizing, I presume? - Jan 13 2004
Some Brown

KDE 3 Color Schemes 3 comments

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Jan 11 2004
please check - Jan 11 2004