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Soren Soren
NAW (Night Animated Wallpaper)

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Dec 04 2003
And what would be really great is if this could evolve into people making wallpapers that are more like a wallvideo. I'd love to have a really big animated gif as my wallpaper or a flash file that constantly loops instead of a static background. Basically it'd be like having a screensaver as a background. I'm sure it could be done, I'm just not sure how to do it. Anyone want to give it a try? - Dec 04 2003
The link isn't dead. It's hosted on and they limit your bandwidth by the hour. Try it again later. I just don't have anywhere else to host it right now. If someone could help me out and host this file and the other animated one I made I'd REALLY appreciate it. - Dec 04 2003
Well, I'm glad you like it. I've corrected the line on the sides if you, or anyone else, wants to re-download it. Sorry about that.

More than anything I hope people like this idea and run with it. I'd love to see other people doing this same thing. It would open up the idea of a wallpaper so much further. But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. - Dec 04 2003
DCD (Desktop Cells Dividing)

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Nov 03 2003
If you like this wallpaper check out the animated version: - Dec 03 2003
I'm glad you like it. Does anyone out there want this in different colors? - Nov 04 2003
LTO (Laughinol's Thin Onyx)

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Nov 04 2003
That works for me. Consider it done. - Nov 04 2003
GIM (Gears In Motion)

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Oct 31 2003
There you go, 1600x1200: - Nov 03 2003
I can make a 1600x1200 but I can't make the gears any bigger without making them look bad. I can adjust everything else if you want me to. Would that work for you? - Oct 31 2003
GIO (Grinding It Out)

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Oct 24 2003
I'll see what I can do... - Oct 30 2003
The font is Litterbox ICG. Sorry for the delay in answering but I couldn't remember and I wasn't near the computer I used for a few days. - Oct 27 2003
KDE Penguin Power Splash

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Jul 17 2003
I like this splash screen. It reminds me of the penguin scene in Fight Club. I even edited my KDE Startup sound to have the penguin say "Slide" so it matches. I'd upload the sound but that probably violates some copyright laws. - Oct 21 2003